Hey there!

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Jacqueline, a copywriter, editor, and author out of Chicago.
(Toronto is my home and native land.)

I’m a copywriter and editor for startups and solopreneurs who don’t have the time or patience for writing and have businesses to grow. I take the burden of creating compelling content off their already full plates and write engaging online copy that speaks directly to their clients. 

When you launched your website, and wrote your first few blog posts, you thought people would flock to your page – because you’re an innovator and a creator, but they’re not, and you don’t know why.

Your writing seems to be falling flat, it seems like no one even cares, no one is listening, and worse – you’re getting radio silence. You cringe every time you start working on your website, and go do something else instead. 

After 13 years as a management consultant, managing multi-million dollar projects, I read so much corporate business jargon. Worse – I had to write a lot of it too. Unlike the lady in the spanx and patent leather pumps, I use words that people actually use. You see, I believe we should be brief and clear in all our writing.

This is why after 13 years, I put the corporate-speak down for good so I could write like a human. Instead of using buttoned-up words like “utilize” and “enable,” I choose words like, “use” and “allow.”


Let’s give jargon the middle finger, shall we?

Want to work (drink wine) together? Click here. 

And when I'm not word jamming with my clients and whittling your 3-page bio down to a punchy paragraph, you can find me indulging in salty chocolate, red wine, and bulletproof coffee - just not all at the same time.


peek into my journal & read the Jacqifesto

like a manifesto, but JACQ-ed up! 

I believe…

In spending more time with people than with screens
Working moms should never feel guilty
Most people are trying
Overtipping is a nice surprise
In short emails & handwritten letters
In writing the first thing that comes to mind
In changing my mind
Red wine is my religion
Purse-chocolate is a thing, so is eating it before dinner
In never saying you’re busy – we all are, and no one really cares
Kids have more to teach us than we have to teach them
A well-placed F- bomb goes a long way
Eat whatever the F*ck you want – no apologies
Dogs have human souls
Spelling matters
When writing, being brief and human are highly seductive
In white space