Brevity & simplicity are always a good idea, especially in business. 

I'm a copywriter and editor for people who hate writing or have better things to do. 


Put Your Best Foot Forward - A Polished About Page

Your About Page is the most popular page on your website. If it's not polished and speaking to your customers, you're dead.

Working Mom Hideout

I'm a working mom who loves meaningful work. You too?

Sometimes I write things just for us. I've collected them here.

Free Sh!t

Who doesn't love free stuff?

Here are some things to help make your life a little unfussier. 



Unfussy Mom

Simplifying your life, staying [mostly] sane and working like a boss

Have you ever totally lost your cool on your kids?

Ya, me neither.

Totally kidding.

Unfussy Mom is a book about what it takes to do the work you love, without pissing off the people you love.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.