Write Like a MOFO: Writers Gonna Write

A community for people who need to write and aren’t putting it on a calendar and getting it done.


a letter:

You wish you were writing. 

Looking back over the past few weeks — or even months and years, you realize that you’ve done more thinking about writing than actually writing. 

You feel weighed down by all the words you’re not putting on the page.

It’s not about word count or even putting your work out in the world at this point.

It’s about creation. Sitting down to the page and making it happen.

What would it feel like if you were putting time on the calendar and writing?

There’s a project inside of you. It’s exciting and you’re ready to start letting the words out. You know you’ll play with them later, but for now, sitting down and surrendering to the stories that want to be brought into the world would bring you so much joy.

Commit to your craft. Commit to your writing. Commit to a creative container.


Hey, I’m Jacq. I’m an intuitive writing coach for people who wish they were writing. 

And I know you’re feeling this way because I was feeling this way too. 

I was doing all the writing for my clients as a copywriter, and none of the writing for myself. 

My books sat collecting Google Doc dust. For years, I thought I’d read just one more book about writing. 

Back to you.

I discovered both for myself and my clients, that the only way to get writing done is to put it on the calendar, show up, tap into the borrowed momentum of other writers, stay accountable, celebrate along the way, and keep us all in creation mode.

That’s why I created Writers Gonna Write. It’s a special community just for people who wished they were writing more.

Become the writer you were meant to be. 
In the name of getting that project out of your brain and onto the page, community, and connection, I created a super safe space where you can write with the borrowed momentum of other writers and business owners for 4+ hours each week, plus get your questions on writing and creativity answered from the community and me.

It’s for you if you:

  • Procrastinate on all your projects that require writing and it’s weighing you down

  • Have a big writing project to tackle — a book, an ebook, a big PDF guide

  • Spend more time thinking about writing than actually writing

  • Prefer deep conversations in a corner with someone who gets you over the hustle

  • Are creative and spend most of your time serving others

It’s time to make your big writing projects a priority. Because if you don’t, who will?


Because left on your own, it’s not getting it done and it’s making you crazy.

It's Write Like a MOFO: Writers Gonna Write

It's a safe space because it's invite or application only.

Here’s what we do inside this inspiring online community:

  • Weekly (and sometimes 3-4x a week) 2-hour co-writing sessions for focused writing time — I’ll check in with you when we begin and end, and once halfway through. 

  • Writing and editing tools, tips, and templates

  • Live Q&A sessions twice a month

  • Monthly workshops from me and other experts on editing, writer’s block, balancing writing with business, creating creative containers, planning your book and more

  • Submit questions for me and the others in the community in the private Facebook group

  • Investment: $49/month

    • Or, join for 1 year and get 2 months free ($490/year)

  • Minimum 3-month investment and pause or cancel after 3+ months 

This is a virtual co-working space where people show up and get writing done. That’s it.

You don’t have to share what you’re writing. You won’t get feedback on your writing. If you want that, there’s an option to book private coaching at a special MOFO only rate.

This is about putting writing on the calendar, showing up, and getting that amazing feeling of getting it done.

And I’d love for you to write with us this month to try it out. 

This is YOUR invitation to apply and choose 1 of 4 Pop-Up Co-Writing Sessions. After you submit your application, expect to hear from me within a day with all the details.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: FILL OUT THE APPLICATION HERE and choose a pop-up writing session. Do it soon, because space is limited in each session!

Step 2: You’ll hear from me within a day with details on joining the cowriting session.

Step 3: We write! If you enjoyed the experience, you’ll get details on joining the community.

The Writers Gonna Write community is open until October 31, or when the virtual community is full.

Questions before you apply or want in, like, yesterday? Email me at hi@jacquelinefisch.com.