You’re a new-to-the online world writer and you're wondering if your writing is any good?

All of this sitting around and writing alone in your basement is good and all—but you need to get your writing out there. And you're afraid to hit

Maybe you're behind on writing your blog, bio, or sales page. Maybe you even had a plan to write and get it done—which is useless now since you’re ignoring it like a red-headed stepchild. 

You need to get some writing done and you'd love some instant feedback.

Whatever you’re writing, you want to know that it's ready for publishing and just need to get it done and get it out there.

Imagine getting on-demand feedback on your work. You can put your writing out in the world, make the offer, ask for the sale, knowing that your writing is rock-solid.

Imagine being a month ahead on your blog. Saving you oodles of time.

You can finally send those client-getting emails to your network, announcing your new offer, product, or business—and get paying clients in the door.

You can finally show up as the badass business owner you know you can be—with words that sound and feel like you!

Write like a MOFO is 3 FOCUSED HOURS where you can work on a writing project (or a bunch of projects) AND get immediate, real-time feedback to keep you moving. 

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Hi, I’m Jacq!

I’m a copywriter and coach for business owners who want to sound human. I help them ditch the jargon so they can relate to and connect with their perfect clients using engaging online copy that sells.

And I can’t wait to sit down and write with you, side-by-side. But really, more like computer-to-computer.


How It Works:

  • You can prep some copy or an outline ahead of time, or you can come with a blank page

  • You’ll get a shared google doc and a special link to a zoom call

  • I’ll be there to guide you through your writing questions, review your copy, and answer any of your writing and editing questions

  • Feedback is often described as "mind-blowing," "super duper valuable," and "crazy insightful."

  • When the call starts, start writing, ask your questions, and you’ll get live workshop-style copy coaching on the call

You'll cross the marathon finish line as a MOFO writer with a bucket-load of rock-solid copy, ideas, and momentum to get out there.


Why Writing like a MOFO is awesome:

  • Get instant, expert feedback on your writing and benefit from all the other feedback

  • Get shit done when you plan ahead and make the time

  • Create a ton of copy to make polishing and publishing later on easy

  • Build massive momentum in your business with lightbulb moments and expert insight on your voice, tone, and more

  • Save time and your precious brain power by sticking to one topic

What you could write in 3 hours:

  • Batch write a handful of blog posts

  • Plan and outline your blog content for the year

  • Batch write emails for your weekly newsletter

  • Write an entire email nurture sequence

  • Work on a freebie offer for your email opt-in

  • Write your sales page for a new product or service

  • Update your short bio, long bio, or about page

  • Put the finishing touches on a super important email or podcast pitch



Write Like a MOFO is perfect for you if: 

  • You’d love to have an expert copywriter give you real-time, on-demand feedback on your writing

  • You do all your writing alone, maybe you’ve asked your friends for feedback, but you don’t know if it’s ready to share

  • You have more unfinished projects than finished ones

  • You need focused, blocked out time to get writing done because writing in 30-minute chunks isn't working for you anymore

  • When you spend a few focused hours on a similar writing task, you can go deeper than if you were bouncing around from idea-to-idea or task-to-task.


Investment: $250

Space is limited to 10 writers.


Ready to Write like a MOFO?

Awesome! I can’t wait to write with you!

Here are the upcoming Write Like A MOFO dates:

  • September 7, 10 am - 1 pm Central

  • September 20, 10 am - 1 pm Central

All times Central Time

Click the event below to reserve your writing spot and make your payment. Space is limited to 10.

Step 1:


You’ll get all the details you need to join the video call along with some ideas on how to prepare for a writing marathon.

Step 2:


You’ll hop on our call, write like a MOFO, get super quick feedback, and finish a boatload of copy!

Step 3:



Do I have to be on video?

I’ll be on video and I’d love to see your pretty mug too! Feel free to turn yours off though. 

Do I have to write?

Nope! Just bring all your burning writing questions and get some real-time expert feedback on your copy. You’ll also learn a ton by listening to others getting live feedback on their copy. A fantastic way to learn!

I’m not a writer, is this for me?

This is for everyone! Whether you’re writing your very first blog post or a sales page for a $10,000 offer, you’ll walk away with advice to help you clarify your message and keep you moving. 

How much feedback will I get? 

You’ll get at least 15 minutes of focused feedback on your particular piece of writing. You can get more depending on how much feedback is requested from the others. You’ll also learn oodles from listening to the feedback others get live on the call. Space is limited to 11 marathoners to give you the most feedback possible.