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You’ve put hours, maybe even months into developing your course or your offer. You’re a pro and you know that you have a great offer, but you’re banging your head against the wall trying to write killer copy to sell your thing.

You’ve cleaned your office, cooked a 5-course meal, cleaned the lint from your dryer, and balanced your books. But you still haven’t written your sales page. The thought makes you want to vomit.

Maybe you’ve sold a few of your offers from the sales page you put together. But you haven’t sold nearly as many as you hoped and your calendar sits mostly empty. You know you need to get the words just right.

You just want someone to write your sales page for you. Of all the things you have to write in a day, sales pages are your least favorite. You want someone to write your offer with compelling, high-converting copy, so you can show off your skills, and fill your calendar with the perfect clients.


You love what you do; you just hate having to sell it.

Imagine sitting enjoying the boldest cup of coffee while a professional writer writes the perfect sales page for your offer, including the precise words that turns prospects into dying-to-work-with-you clients.

Hey! That’s exactly what I’ll do for you.

Hello! I'm Jacq. I’m a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or patience for writing and have businesses to grow. I take the frustration of creating compelling sales pages off their plates and write offer copy that speaks directly to their clients. You can read more about me here. 


With Sales Pages That Convert, you get:

  • A sales page written in a proven formula to stand-out in a way that resonates, makes your prospects feel heard and understood

  • Copy that gets your dream clients clicking and buying

  • A sales page your clients will drool over, written in language that speaks directly to their souls--they wonder, “how’d she get in my head?”

  • Sales copy that feels like sitting down to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine with a great friend


Finally! A sales page that does the selling while you do what you do best!

Now, your sales page copy turns curious, on the fence prospects into paying clients, while you get to serve up game-changing results for your people—turning them into huge fans who can’t wait to shout your names from the rooftops!

With your minty fresh sales page, you clearly communicate what clients get from working with you and like magic (though, it’s not magic), you’re building your business and growing your body of work.


The best part, you can be bringing in offers within a week!


Let’s get selling!

Are you interested in working together? Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Click here to schedule a time to chat. Before our call, you’ll answer some questions. If your sales page is a great fit for my killer copywriting skills, we’ll set a deadline, do a little paperwork, and get writing.

Step 2. Within 2 business days, you’ll go to the spa, get a latte, or sip champagne while I put my head down and give you a non-50 shades stalking, then confirm the voice you’ll use in your sales page, and your sales page goals.

Step 3. I’ll write sales page copy for your offer that grabs your clients by the collar (in a good way). You take a peek at your shiny new sales page, we’ll chat about edits, and I’ll turn around your suggestions within 2 business days. Momentum is key here.

Step 4. When you give your new sales page the A-OK and put it on your website, I’ll take one last look to make sure it’s rock-solid. You sit back and revel in your badassery. More champagne.


Investment: $1,650

Turnaround time: 5 days

for offers up to $5,000

Have questions? Email me at or grab a coffee and 30-minutes and we'll chat.


My clients are amazing and I've been blessed to work with dozens over the past 14 years — writing website copy, sales pages, blog posts, online programs, and more. 

Here are some nice things they said... 


"Working with Jacqueline is like working with a wittier, punchier, more charming version of yourself. She knows how to take your story and just tuuuurn the dial up a few notches.
I had all this boring copy that told my story well enough, but she rolled in with her magic wand like my fairy godmother and made it actually READ the way I felt about it. She's magic."
Erin Gibson - Virtual Assistant and Small Business Consultant
"I think I just came in my pants! You are incredible! This article is going to be more than a hit! It's more than perfect. Thank you for being you! Eeekkkk!

Mission accomplished. #nailedit“

Kelly McDonnell-Arnold
Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in Forensic Sexology & Founder of

"Working with Jacq to write my website has been AWESOME! The words we use are so important, and it's so easy to give her my word vomit, then she cleans it up using the actual words my clients use, while I can focus on what's important--building my HR consulting business! Working with her, I always knew what was coming next, where we were going, and when we'd get there."
Kelah N. Raymond Founder & Human Resources Strategist at SPARC Solutions Group

"I hired Jacq as a copywriting coach for my program, Make It Work Online. She helped participants with everything from writing website copy, sales pages, and summarizing what they do in just a few succinct sentences. I have really high standards when it comes to copywriting, and Jacq knocked it out of the park! We received so much positive feedback on her work. Jacq is a fantastic writer and knows how to help you become one as well."

Jenny Shih - Online Business Coach and Consultant

"I was hesitant to work with a writer in another time zone and who wasn't already part of the Zuda team. Jacq wrote a bio for me that clearly tells my story, and since she's started editing our website, it's now written in a voice that speaks the language of our community in an exciting way. Jacq is fun and easy to work with--and she's fast! She rocks!"

Anne Marie Kramer Founder of Zuda Yoga & Soulful Renegade