Words have power - especially the ones on your About Page. Use them wisely.


Your eyeballs hurt from editing your About Page for the thirty-billionth time.

You’ve spent 100 hours tweaking the words on your About Page and you’re sick of looking at it.

You know your About Page is the most important thing you’ll write, but you just don’t have the time to work on it. Besides, you’ve got a growing business to run.


You wish your words would just jump off the page and scream at your clients, “Hire me you fools!”

You’re grateful for the work you get to do, and you get to do more if it when the right people find you.

You’re ready to sound like you’ve got your sh!t together – because you do!


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve looked at these words a thousand times and need a fresh set of eyes
  • You feel like no one is reading and no one cares
  • You’re afraid that you’ll never hit six-figures in your business


your About Page will speak directly to your customers. You’ll make a great first impression and you’ll be excited to show it off.


Once I’ve given you a shiny new About page:

  • Your readers will fall madly in love with you
  • You’ll finally feel confident when pitching your services
  • You’ll find the right customers – the ones that make you excited to get up in the morning


This package includes:

  • An introvert-friendly Q&A – You’ll answer some questions in an online form. This will give you super helpful insights as you work on the rest of your copy and build your online presence. You’ll probably learn a few things about yourself too.
  • A friendly internet-stalking – in a totally non-creepy way. With all the links and information you provide me, I’ll creep on all your (public) online profiles.
  • A crystal clear About Page that fits you perfectly in 500-800 words – the perfect amount of words to tell your website visitors your story.
  • Two rounds of light edits.
  • A final review when you publish your new About Page on your website to make sure it’s perfect. This is important, because what looks good offline, looks different online. You’ll get recommendations to format it like a pro.


You can finally have an About Page that you feel confident about – and I can help.


Investment: $525


Let’s get writing!

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Click here to answer a few questions.

Step 2. Within 24 hours of answering, you’ll get an email from me with a personalized About Page Q&A, and instructions for payment. $225 is due upon signing. If we need to hop on the phone, you’ll hear from me.

Step 3. You’ll get a private Google Drive folder just for us.

Step 4. Within 3 days , you’ll go to the spa, get a latte, or sip champagne while I put my head down and edit your About Page.

Step 5. You’ll pop open your shiny new About Page, provide edits right in Google Drive, I’ll review within a day.

Step 6. You’ll get final edits from me and instructions for the remaining 50% payment.

Step 7. When your About Page is live, I’ll do a thorough review and make sure everything looks just as great on your website as it does on my computer screen.

Step 8. More champagne.


Have questions? Email me.



My clients are pretty cool - here's what they said about this experience:

(in all caps)
You took the words out of my mouth!
I just came in my pants.*

*Your results may vary.