Join the most helpful, feedback-focused, unfussiest writing community on the planet.

Your website copy has been a work in progress for longer than you care to admit. It seems to keep falling off your to-do list.

You wish you could get ahead on writing your blog, podcast show notes, or newsletter. Having your regular content scheduled out in advance feels like a dream come true.

And more than having your copy and your content done, you want to develop your writing voice. You’re a pretty dang good writer already, and with some pro eyeballs on your words, your writing could be even stronger.

Whatever you’re writing, you just need to get it done and get it out there. And, you want your audience to fall in love with you, line up to work with you, and whip out their credit cards. Please and thank you.

You’re a decent writer — and you’re craving more feel-good butt-in-chair writing time.

Even if you’ve hired a copywriter in the past with vanilla results, have downloaded all the freebies on the internet to try to turn you into a better writer, and have taken all the online courses promising to help you write better, you can absolutely do this.

I believe everyone can write and YOU can Write Like a MOFO.

Imagine, creating a months worth of compelling content in a day.

Imagine publishing your sales page in record time because you put your head down, wrote the thing, and had expert copywriting eyes to review it with you live.

You can finally show up as the badass business owner you know you can be.

With words that feel good and sound like you! And even better.

Like a wittier, funnier, louder, smarter version of yourself. Words you’re proud of and can’t wait to show off because your words have been vetted by your very own writing coach.

Writing feels easy now. Heck, you’d even call it fun! You’re proud of how much writing you’ve published!

Now, you’re cranking out regular content, your prospects are connecting with what you have to say, and you’re getting more paying customers in the door.

You have focused butt-in-chair writing time to get your important writing work done, get the feedback you need, and get out there connecting with your audience.


Write Like a MOFO is led by me, Jacq!

I’m an intuitive writer, strategist, and writing coach for badass business owners who want to sound human while they change the world.

I help them ditch the jargon so they can relate to and connect with their perfect clients using engaging online copy that sells.

And I can’t wait to sit down and write with you, side-by-side.

What would your writing look like if it felt EASY?


As part of the community:

  • Get shit done when you plan ahead and make the time with regularly scheduled writing marathons and co-writing sessions

  • Create a ton of content to make publishing easy

  • Build massive momentum in your business

  • Save time and your precious brain power with focused work

  • Community and connection with people you trust (everyone applies to get in!)

You’re a MOFO Writer if:

  • You’re a good writer and a little on-demand feedback from an expert is all you need

  • You can’t seem to sit down long enough to write anything longer than a Tweet

  • You have more unfinished projects than finished ones

  • You do all your writing alone, maybe you’ve asked your friends, or your cat for feedback, but you don’t know if it’s ready to share

  • You’re sick of scrambling at the last minute to pick a topic and figure out what the heck to write


Imagine, finally having focused, blocked out time, and A community of writers to cheer you on, get on-demand feedback, and get (LOTS OF) writing done!



  • Access to 4 writing marathons each month for feedback on your writing

  • Regular co-writing sessions (like coworking but we actually get shit done)

  • Private workshops led by Jacq and a hand-selected group of experts

  • Submit questions for Jacq and the other business owners in the private community

  • Feedback on up to 2,000 words of copy each month (in addition to what we review during the marathons)

  • Special MOFO rates on all copywriting services and private, high-touch, one-on-one consulting

  • Collaboration and community with the raddest, most generous, and honest MOFOs on the planet



It will help you feel inspired, give you momentum, and help you feel energized by what you could create when you focus on a single task for a few hours. You’ll get ahead, giving you more time for getting clients, making sales, client work, and other business-building activities.

Watch a behind the scenes peek at a Write Like a MOFO writing marathon!


  • Blog posts or blog post outlines

  • Social media content

  • Emails for their newsletters

  • Welcome email sequences

  • Opt-in and freebie copy

  • Books, ebooks, PDFs

  • Product descriptions for physical goods and art

  • Sales pages for products and signature offers

  • Website copy - About Pages, Sales Pages, Landing Pages

  • Podcast intros

  • Keynote talks

  • Webinar squeeze pages

Finally, the guidance you need to unlock your inner writer to help you get it done and feel like a MOFO every step of the way.

Investment: $150/month

Cancel or pause anytime.

The Write Like a MOFO doors will reopen in September 2019.

space is limited: Be the first in line when the community doors OPEN.



Do I have to be on video?

I’ll be on video and I’d love to see your pretty mug too! Feel free to turn yours off though if you’re having a bad hair or face day. 

Do I have to write?

Nope! Just bring all your burning writing questions and get some real-time expert feedback on your copy. You’ll also learn a ton by listening to others getting live feedback on their copy. A fantastic way to learn!

I’m not a writer, is this for me?

This is for everyone! Whether you’re writing your very first blog post or a sales page for a $25,000 package, you’ll walk away with advice to help you clarify your message and keep you moving. 

How much feedback will I get DURING THE MARATHONs? 

You’ll get at least 2-3 rounds of focused feedback on your particular piece of writing. You can get more depending on how much feedback is requested from the others. You’ll also learn oodles from listening to the feedback others get live on the call. Space is limited to 12 marathoners to give you the most feedback possible.


As much as possible. Whatever copy we review during the marathon doesn’t count toward your monthly review word count (2,000 words per month).


Depending on how much copy you submit, you’ll get feedback within a few hours or just a day or two.

I have a huge writing project, can you review more copy?

Yes! Ask me about special MOFO-only rates.


On the day of the month you sign up.


Committing to your writing (and everything else that needs to be written in your business) is a big deal. You owe it to yourself to do your work and the Write Like a MOFO community will hold you accountable and cheer you on! Sometimes, we get busy though, so you can pause for ONE month for every SIX month’s that you’re a member.

I’m WRITING A BOOK, is this for me?

YES! And there’s a special pricing option JUST for authors. Email me privately at and I’ll give you the scoop.


Happy MOFO’s