Get a Captivating LinkedIn Profile...
In a Day


You know a good LinkedIn profile when you see one. It stands out in a sea of suits (even if your suit is jeans and a black t-shirt).

A great LinkedIn profile makes you click, read, and scroll. You can’t help it. You’re drawn in.

Think about it, the LinkedIn profiles that captivate you sound different than most of the other ones you skim over.

Be honest: do you read the LinkedIn profiles that read like a resume?

Do you enjoy reading yours?

Hint: If you don’t enjoy yours, you’re not the only one (wink)

Most people take their resume and cut and paste it into the LinkedIn summary. Then they edit down to the pesky 2,000 character limit.

Resume writing is for resumes.

Great LinkedIn writing will help you stand out.

Every time you look at your LinkedIn profile, you cringe. You check out other LinkedIn profiles hoping they won’t notice, steal parts of their profile, write it in your own words, and then try to piece it all together.

You know it’s an important part of your personal and professional branding strategy but writing about yourself is hard. Besides, you’ve got work to do.

While your LinkedIn profile sits there half-complete or looking exactly like everyone else’s, you’re missing out on opportunities and networking potential every day.

Your LinkedIn profile could tell the whole story about how amazing you are, highlight the best of your experience, and drive the right connections.

Imagine a LinkedIn profile that’s fresh, even fun, and speaks directly to your potential employers or connections. You’ll make a great first impression, getting you more views, connection requests, and clicks.

You’re so excited to show off your new LinkedIn profile that you add it to your email signature, and your business card. If you have a website, you finally add a link.


I’m Jacq!
I’m a copywriter and writing coach for smart people who hate writing about themselves. They want to sound human while they change the world.

I take the burden of creating a compelling LinkedIn profile off their already full plate and write an engaging profile that speaks directly to their potential clients, employers, or connections.


Let’s take your vanilla LinkedIn profile and turn it into your most powerful online connection tool.


With a clickable and compelling LinkedIn profile:

  • Your LinkedIn profile will tell a story — your story in a way that feels like your voice, only better

  • You’ll be using plain English, avoiding bad business jargon

  • Your network will be impressed and be more likely to help you when you post a request

  • You’ll get more profile views and increase your popularity in your network

  • Your LinkedIn inbox will be full of potential connections — imagine the possibilities!


Your Compelling LinkedIn Profile Includes:

  • Getting inside your brain. You’ll answer some questions in an online form. This will give you helpful insights as you zone in on your professional voice and position yourself to build your online presence. You’ll probably learn a few things about yourself too.

  • A friendly internet-stalking. In a totally non-creepy way. With all the links and information you provide me, I’ll creep on all your (public) online profiles.

  • A head-turning LinkedIn headline that does its job. Your profile picture and your summary is what entices clicks. We’ll get readers clicking your summary and looking for reasons to work with you.

  • Standing out in a sea of button-downs. A LinkedIn summary that makes you stand apart from the sea of jargon-filled sameness by highlighting the unique contribution that only you provide.

  • Use LinkedIn with a purpose. You’ll learn how, in just a few minutes a day to an hour a week, you can engage your network and be more visible on this powerful platform. Custom-fit to your professional goals to help you get seen.

  • We’ll do this in record time. When we focus our writing efforts in a single day, you get a steal-worthy profile, and can start fielding all the new inquiries you’ll get in just one day.

You were afraid to show up and engage in LinkedIn before, but not anymore!


Investment: $1200


Finally, have a LinkedIn profile you’re excited to show off. 

Are you ready to work with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Click here to answer some questions and schedule a time to chat. We’ll hop on the phone, and we’ll chat about your professional goals and your goals for using LinkedIn. If everything sounds great, you’ll get a contract to sign along with instructions for a $400 deposit to reserve your day. The rest of your payment - $800, is due the day before your scheduled LinkedIn profile writing day.

Step 2: On your scheduled LinkedIn profile writing day, you’ll put your feet up, grab a coffee with an extra shot, or maybe even just go to work while I write your LinkedIn profile. You’ll pop open your shiny new words for your LinkedIn profile after lunch and tell me what you like and what you want to change. By the time you go to bed that night, your edits will be done. You’ll take a fresh peek in the morning, and I’ll make one additional round of edits by the end of the day.

Step 3. You publish your totally done-for-you, jargon-free LinkedIn profile, sit back and revel in your professional-ness. More coffee.


Have questions? I’m happy to answer them. Send me an email at