I’ve written, ghostwritten, and edited sparkly bios, LinkedIn profiles, about pages, web copy, eCourses, eBooks, and blog posts. I also love giving things a name, like your book, your digital product, or an email subject line. And now…

I’m YOUR writer & editor!

Why am I for you?

‘Cause you’re successful and want your writing to show the part. But you hate writing. You’ve probably written a few awesome things, but mostly, it makes you want to cry - you just don't have time. 

‘Cause you have a big personality, but you censor yourself because you’re afraid to let your freaky unicorn flag fly -- and dare I say, sound like a human being. What if people don’t like you? What if you hear crickets? The fear is real, I get it. This fear kept me from sharing my writing for years!

‘Cause you’re polished and professional - with a side of punch, but your writing needs a little coconut milk double shot latte kind of boost.

‘Cause maybe you don’t read any of the literary classics (I don’t either), but you know good writing when you see it. It's all about creating a feeling, and speaking to your reader's emotions. 

This is exactly what I do.

I pull out your story without you even knowing what’s happening. I’ll write your about page, bio, write, ghostwrite, or edit your blog posts, taglines, come up with cool company names, copy for your website, or even write you a few sticky notes.

It's also going to be a lot of fun.