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Copywriter, strategist, and coach for business owners who want to sound human. Unfussy, unstoppable, completely relatable copy.

Simplicity is always a good idea



I’m an intuitive copywriter, strategist, and coach for business owners who want to sound human while they change the world.

I help them ditch the jargon so they can connect with their clients using engaging online copy that sells.

Sells their programs, offers, courses, art, books, and more!


unpopular opinion:
everyone can write


You know good writing when you see it.

You FEEL it.

Unfussy, uncensored, it moves you. To read, to click, to buy.

Let's get you some of that word magic.

Cross my word-loving heart, it will be fun.


Want to be a MOFO Writer?

  • Expert copywriting, strategy, and guidance to help you develop an online identity you can be proud of

  • Unfussy tools and templates to make writing fun + productive

  • Get professional copy coach eyeballs on your copy so you can hit publish

  • Writing marathons, co-writing sessions, and private workshops to hone your writing tone

  • Develop a consistent writing practice so you can get all your writing done

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You don't know Jacq... yet

I’ve been a professional writer and communications consultant for more than 15 years. Having gotten my professional start in corporate management consulting and crisis communications, I run all my writing projects like a project manager. This means I love deadlines and keeping you focused.

Copywriting and coaching clients tell me that I just seem to know exactly what they’re trying to say and spin it into the right words that connect with their ideal clients.

They call it magic. I call it intuition.

I’ve collaborated with more than 200 clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, the US government, tech startups, life and business coaches, designers, artists, medical professionals, therapists, sports coaches, creatives, and solopreneurs.