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Writing, editing, & coaching for entrepreneurs who want to sound human. Unfussy, unstoppable, completely relatable copy.

Sounding human is good business.



I’m a copywriter and coach for business owners who want to sound human.

I help them ditch the jargon so they can relate to and connect with their perfect clients using engaging online copy that sells. 

Simplicity is always a good idea and writing should be unreasonably fun.


What can I write for you?


You know good writing when you see it.

You feel it.

Unfussy, uncensored, it moves you. To read more, to click, to buy. Let's get you some of those magical words.

There are two ways we can work together:

1.  You write, I edit

2. I write, we edit

Not sure what you actually need?
Grab a 30 minute convo and let's discuss.

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Hey, I'm Jacq.

I’ve been a professional copywriter and communications consultant for more than 13 years. Having gotten my professional start in corporate management consulting and crisis communications, I run all my writing projects like a project manager. This means I love deadlines and making sure you stay on track.

I’ve collaborated with more than 100 clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, state and federal government, tech startups, life and business coaches, designers, medical professionals, therapists, sports coaches, creatives, and solopreneurs.