Your blog is a sales tool (steal my scripts for selling directly from your blog!)

Which one of these business owners are you?

  1. You say you’ll blog weekly and then publish about twice a year.

  2. You sit down to write a blog post the DAY that you plan to publish

  3. You batch all your blog content and when it comes time to publish you just have to edit and get it out there (or maybe you batch publish or pass that off to someone else like a VA.) 

You know that you need a blog to continue to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry and build trust with your readers.


Did you know that a single blog post might just be the nudge your reader needs to buy from you?

That’s right. Even though your blog isn’t technically a sales page or a place where prospects go to buy products and services from you, something you touch on in an article may speak directly to their heart and they realize how much they need what you have.

Selling with your blog posts is a natural and completely non-salesy way to get more paying clients in the door.

In your blog posts, you don’t need to be over the top or in people’s faces. When you look at your blog as just another sales tool that might be the push you need to get your butt in the chair and get it done.

Here are some fun ways you can sell your products or services through your blog:

  1. Share a customer case study taking your readers through the before and after journey that your goodness helped them to realize

  2. Tell a personal story if it relates to your client journey (make sure you’re doing this on your about page too)

  3. Offer a contest for readers to win something from you by commenting on your blog post and engaging in a specific way

  4. Add a specific request at the end of your blog post to a particular product or service that can fix their problem

  5. Include a special discount code or offer a secret bonus to your blog readers

  6. Invite them to hop on a call with you if you’re a service-based business. If they get on the phone with you--you’ll be able to see if they’re a great fit and figure out what they need.

As an example, if you look at this blog post, at the end I linked to an online writing marathon that readers can sign up for as they get inspired after reading the blog post.

Here’s another example, where I offered some fun writing prompts on how to write your About page and then I let reader’s know that I can help them write theirs or write it for them. Same deal with this article chock full of writing inspiration for sales pages.

Steal my sales scripts

Here are some sample scripts you can include at the bottom of your articles to get your readers to take action and buy from you:

Are you struggling with [the problem you outlined]? You might like this [add a link to your product/service].

Have you tried all of these things and stuff still sucks bojangles? This might be for you. [link to your offer/product].

Is this you? Email me at [email address] and tell me about it.

Are you ready for [amazing, kickass thing you offer]? Get your hands on this! [link to your thing]

Would this feel like a dream to you? [Product/service name] could take you from [crappy state] to [amazeballs state].

At the end of every blog post, asking your readers to do something like checking out your products or services is a natural next step. Make it easy for them and tell them what to do.

And if you want more writing and blogging tips, scripts, and just some plain old time to write and get stuff done, check out the Write Like a MOFO Community. See what I did there?