Why sending pointless emails to your audience is a smart move


Last week I wrote an article all about using the P.S. strategy in your emails. I explored how every email you send should have a point, and that point should come across clearly in all of your email communication.

Emails to your newsletter, email to your clients, emails to your town administrator any emails really. And then when I shared a tidbit on Instagram last week about how much I freaking love email, a business owner commented that she loves email too.

She especially loves the kind of email that has no point. The kind of email that’s part update, part story, part fun, and mostly personal. Now, this is a fine line to walk sending pointless emails out into the world.

Do you really want to be known for sending unnecessary, meandering, pokey emails to your readers week after week? No, probably not.

When was the last time you read an email that made you smile?

Instead, think back to the last email you got from an old friend, someone you went to elementary school with, or a really nice complimentary email--someone emailing you just to tell you that you’re amazing (these ones are the best, right?). You didn't need to reply, all you needed to do was read enjoy, and it probably made you smile.

Today, I'm exploring how to bring back more of those emails that spark a smile. Emails that don't give us panic attacks, make us feel like we’ll never be good enough, emails that make us feel like we're missing something, and emails where there’s no urgent call to action to buy.

How can you weave in emails to your email strategy without selling?

Emails that are solely about connecting. Connecting with yourself, so you can further connect with your reader, and and then continue to make the connection with your reader stronger.

Our inboxes are filled to the brim with emails that are the equivalent of flashing neon Vegas strip signs. Buy now! Click here! Get in before the doors close! Do it nooowww!!! Before you turn into a pug at the stroke of midnight! I’m exhausted just typing that so I’m guessing you might be ready to punch me after reading that.

The emails that pile up in our inbox are calling us to do something specific. How would you feel if you popped open an email today that simply made you smile?

Would you be mad but they didn't ask you to buy something? Would you think they were crazy? Alternatively, would you simply enjoy the connection? Smile, close the message, and move on with your day?

And even better if they told you, “no response necessary.”

I encourage you to give this a try. Maybe it's your next email to your audience. Perhaps you’re worried about getting the words just right. Maybe it's been a while since your readers have heard from you and you don't know what to say. You don't want to jump in with something salesy or entirely out of left field.

What If instead, you merely told a story? What if you reminded them about how awesome they are, and to go about their day?

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