What if writing was easy?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the create-on-demand process that’s a huge part of my work.

My clients rely on me to pull some clear and crisp writing out of my head and get it onto the page. And there’s almost always a deadline.

Even this blog for instance. I’ve been blogging consistently since I don’t remember when. Usually, subscribers get a weekly email from me on Tuesday, occasionally Wednesday.

And this week, the topic is also what I most needed to hear.

What if it was easy?

Have you ever been in the flow of writing and it just felt easy, natural, effortless. Dare I say, you were even having fun?

Maybe you weren’t having any kind of feelings at all. You just sat down and started writing, and it came out of you.

Your energy was in the right place and it just fell out. Like it was waiting right there on your fingertips for the right opportunity for you to get out of your head for five minutes and just write.

What if writing was easy?

What would your blog look like if blogging was easy?

Would you sit down to write each week and just let the words flow out of you? Would you go back and forth 90 billion times about what topic to write about?

Or, could it just be easy?

What would your newsletter look like if it was easy?

What would a batch writing session look like if it was easy?

What does the whole easy thing look like for you?

What would you be drinking?

What will you wear?

Where will you sit?

What’s your posture like?

What’s playing through your speakers?

What essential oil is being infused into the air?

What does your face look like? Crunched up or relaxed?

What’s all around you?

You see, when it’s easy, it’s faster. When it’s easy, it feels good. When it’s easy, it just works.

There’s no prize for taking the hard path.

Easy get’s noticed. Not because you took the direct path, but because your energy was there. The energy you brought to the page was clean and open and ready to spill over.

Your readers notice.

They notice the way you make them feel.

So why the hell shouldn’t writing be easy?

The next time you’re stuck in a shit sandwich or staring down a task you just don’t want to start before you begin, ask this question….

What would it look like if it was easy?

Begin there.

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