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The best way to find inspiration, feel happier, more creative and even make writing easier.

It’s totally free.

It won’t take much of your time and it’s not just one more thing to add to your to-do list.

There’s no one you need to hire to help you do it.

There’s no book, course, podcast, freebie, or anything you need to consume first before you can try it for yourself.

It’s insanely simple and it’s for everyone.









We’re crazy busy. We’re insanely overbooked, we eat over-scheduling for breakfast and guzzle obligations all day long. Fueled by frantic doing, our days are jam-packed from peepers popping open to collapsing into bed each evening.

We fill the natural silent pauses in our conversations with random outbursts and half-baked thoughts.

We hang paintings on every inch of our walls.

We fill every nook of our kitchen drawers and every closet to the max.

We fill our closets with clothes that haven’t seen daylight in years.

We fill Tweets to the max number of characters.

We color in the blank space of our commutes with podcasts and audiobooks.

We fill in a 30-second wait at the supermarket with Facebook scrolling.

We wait for conference calls to start by responding to emails.

What could happen in those empty spaces?

In the pause of the conversation, in the pause of our day, what could that pause mean to your ideas, inspiration, your business, and your life?

Maybe we worry that if we don’t consciously fill up the blank spaces then perhaps our unconscious mind will fill them up.

Quiet is scary and unscheduled time feels aggravating.

If we don’t schedule every second of our lives, then we won’t get the nudges we need because we can’t trust ourselves.

This of course is BS.

When we become so attached to the schedule, the calendar, the noise, we don’t know how to live without it.

We need a free morning, an hour to just breathe, a walk, a wide-open Sunday.

If we don’t make the white space, someone else will fill them up.

It’s easy to think that we’ll have more time later for blank space.

Once I make 6-figures.

Once I lose 6.5 pounds.

Once I write my sales page.

Once I publish my book.

Achieving is awesome and amazing and a natural part of our human-ness. And yes, go after what you desire. While knowing that we’re not just the desire.

What could happen in the pause?

  • Someone tells us more and we get an opportunity to listen

  • We get a new idea

  • A miracle solution to a problem we’ve been stuck on suddenly appears

  • You could realize how far you’ve come and celebrate for a minute

It doesn’t need to be a seated, structured meditation. For me, this almost never works—thanks to kids and animals.

Here are some ways to create white space that aren’t meditation:

  • Painting

  • Journalling

  • Walking

  • Sitting in a chair and doing nothing

  • Riding a motorcycle (so I’m told)

  • Spending 5 minutes in silence in the car before you get out and run your next errand

  • Slowing down when you’re cooking to feel the food, smell the smells

Like anything, leaving blank spaces in our lives takes practice until it can become a habit. In the cracks of your day, instead of filling it with something—noise, words, learning.




Instead of linking to other articles and more stuff you could read, I’m going to leave you with this.


Blank space.