The easy way to turn your blog post into an email newsletter

You’ve got all this fantastic, engaging content on your blog now, so you’re sending a regular newsletter to love up your audience, right?


There are many ways you can repurpose much of your content. If you do a Facebook Live or Insta-story, you could turn these into blog posts. The opposite is true too. With a blog post, you could repurpose it into a Facebook Live or Instagram story too. Your Instagram posts and Pins could drive blog and email content. You could take all of it and turn it into a book or a course. 

A common repurposing I’m surprised when people overlook though is turning their blog posts into an email. The old school thinking… and by old school, I mean like. a few years ago - was to tease out your blog post in your email newsletter to get more clicks to your website. Just a little taste of wine before committing to a big glass.

But people are lazy. This isn't bad, we've just got a lot going on, so make it easy for us blog readers! With most of us consuming content on our phones, we don’t want to click and leave our email. We want all the goods in one place. 

One stop shopping. The mega grocery store. Amazon Prime. Target. Get everything you need in one place.

Our email is no different.

Give me all the goodies in one tidy little email, so I don’t have to click all over town.

But I want people to visit my website still!

Well, of course. And they will as long as you’re pumping out the good stuff. And yes, you should still encourage your readers to check you out online. 

Here’s how to turn your blog posts into an email newsletter that people actually want to read: 

  1. Write a blog post people will give a sh*t about. If you're not useful or mildly entertaining, why are you blogging?

  2. Cut and paste your entire blog post into your email.

  3. Personalize it. Add your subscriber's name, and not just at the top, but look for opportunities to weave it into the email.

  4. Sign off with an invitation. Invite your reader to share your article by clicking on the link to your blog post. Invite them to connect, to reply, to do a secret dance and tag it with a secret hashtag.

  5. Give them more. If your reader likes what they read, then give them more reasons to keep reading. Suggest some other posts, interviews, books, or other places they can get their fill of YOU.

  6. Add personal touches. Depending on what your audience will love or your mood, you could add a link to the funniest video of pandas you’ve ever seen, an Instagram post of a random act of kindness, or a new service you’re loving the book on your nightstand, or even a haiku. I personally save all my good stuff for email. Are you over there yet?


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