Psst... You're good enough already

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."
-- Stuart Smalley, SNL

You have ninety billion (approximation) unfinished projects.

You've even finished a few.

But you're afraid to talk about them.

You're proud of writing the article, winning the award, finishing the degree, graduating the class.

"Oh, it's no big deal." You say. You don't want the extra attention.

Besides, your colleague did it faster than you. Oh, and she did it while wearing a flawless face, making it to yoga class 12 times in one week, and serving up home-cooked, organic, locally-raised, harvested under the perfect moon conditions... every single mother-loving day.

Well, shit. No wonder it's so hard to actually finish something when we're neck deep in the comparison game.

You're already enough. 

I know, it's so easy to read. And when you read those three words, for a split second, you believe it. You exhale, "I AM enough damn it."

You turn away from these three little words and are ready to tackle your next project. Maybe you'll even pick up a paint brush, or a pencil, or a hammer, or a chainsaw.

Maybe you can drop the armor, and send out that email that you've been slaving over for two weeks. 

Maybe you'll sign up for the race, even though you didn't set a personal record last time. 

Maybe you'll be able to hear your gut talking (not the kind it does after burritos you guys) and take the leap, sign the check, start the business, close the business. 

Why now?

What's changed?

Because you've finally fully accepted that you are enough. 

I'm going to leave you with a quote, in hopes that you see that you're already enough. No more unhealthy striving, no more obsessive thoughts and unattainable goals.

As my friend Amanda says in her upcoming book, Becoming Enough (I read the manuscript, and if you struggle with the fuss of being perfect, get on the list to find out when it drops).

"The enough-ness in me honors the enough-ness in you."


Now get your ass out there and go be enough. The world needs more of your enough-ness and less of your thoughts of inadequacy.