MOFO Writer of the Month—Stacey Harmon


Literally, the only time you want to be called a MOFO is when we’re calling you a MOFO writer.

Meet Stacey Harmon. If you ask her what she does for a living, she’ll tell you that she helps business owners get digitally organized and create time.

Sounds magical right? In a world where our physical and digital worlds are a hot mess and time is our most valuable resource, Stacey is someone you need to know.

Her primary tool for helping us creative entrepreneurs who mostly give systems the cold shoulder is one you’ve probably heard of—Evernote.

She’s a productivity coach and Evernote Certified Consultant who stepped into this important work after developing a flair for systems and organization over 18 years working in operations and marketing in California for Orange County’s most prestigious real estate firms.

And when she first dove into the world of self-employment and set up her business teaching social media skills to the real estate industry, her passion wasn't enough. As a business owner, she now had to manage her (never-ending) to-do list, contacts, meetings, finances and everything else. And it was a brain drain!

You know how it goes, you create a business to feel free and suddenly you find yourself chained to your desk. Not cool.

Stacey hit her breaking point

It was only when she ran 100mph into her breaking point, that it became urgent to take radical action and take back control of her life. She immersed herself into Evernote and became fascinated by a system that had so much flexibility and hidden features that she could adapt it and make it work for her.

Evernote became the most powerful tool in her business. She could finally create a seamless and effortless workflow, attract more clients, and untether the shackles of her desk.

Getting radically productive with Evernote gave her the complete freedom she so craved.

Now, Stacey is more than a MOFO writer; I’m honored to call her a friend and a mastermind sister (brought together by Kickass Masterminds).

Here’s what Stacey has accomplished since joining Write Like a MOFO:

  • Created, launched, marketed, and wrote the sales page for the Trauma-Free Taxes® inaugural course—and 41 people joined the first round! FORTY-ONE people!

  • Designed the feedback survey for the live course created a simple and repeatable testimonial system giving her testimonials that will propel the course sales even further.

  • Crafted a standout business tagline—“Solving Productivity Your Problems With Evernote,” and clarified the pros and cons of specific words.

  • Dreamed up the sub tag line for Trauma-Free Taxes®—Easy tax prep – year after year – with Evernote.

  • Updated and relaunched her website—together we worked on the home page copy and all the micro-copy around the website.

Stacey has been a member of the Write Like a MOFO community since December 2018 and in just 4 months, here’s how much work she’s put into improving her copywriting skills:

  • 5 hours of 1:1 copy review and strategy. Stacey and her iced tea + me and hot coffee.

  • 20+ hours inside the Write Like a MOFO writing marathons—plus many hours on her own.

And in addition to working on her own copy, her suggestions and insights inside the private Write Like a MOFO community have led to several A-HA moments for others.

Here’s why you need to know Stacey:

  • In just 2 years, Stacey has been living the extended "work from anywhere" life with trips lasting between 2-5 weeks each to Bali, London, Miami, Lake Tahoe, and Maine.

  • She’s an Evernote Certified Consultant—this means she’ll take you way beyond web-clipping and a bunch of random, disorganized notes in Evernote and give you a system—hello Radical Productivity!

  • She makes taxes [gulp] FUN!

  • The dogs she dog sits make regular appearances during our writing marathons

  • She’s smart AF and is one of the handful of entrepreneurs I trust to seek business advice from.

And if taxes suck the creative life out of you imagine if it could be fun?

Join Stacey on April 15 for her totally free webinar - The 6 Pillars of Trauma-Free Taxes.
And if tax day blew by, get in on her live class - Trauma-Free Taxes® Easy tax prep – year after year – with Evernote.

If these sound like results you’d love to have in your business, the doors to Write Like a MOFO are open now!