MOFO Writer of the Month—Pia Jansson, Business + Life Coach


Meet Pia.

Pia Writes Like a MOFO.

She might be one of the most positive people I know, and she has an innate ability to see possibilities everywhere—often when others can’t.

She’s a business and life coach who works with high-achieving salespeople, helping salespeople who are missing their targets, feeling stuck, and like they’ve lost their mojo. 

Pia helps them get their heads back in the game so they can hit their numbers and create the success they’re craving in business and in life.

A strategic thinker and energizer who gets stuff done, she takes her clients from good to great and helps them rediscover their natural-born talents—you know, those things you do that feel completely effortless and totally enjoyable. 

And weaknesses? Sure, she gives them a nod, but that’s totally not Pia’s focus. She’ll focus on your STRENGTHS so that you can up your performance, reconnect to the top-notch version of yourself so that you can get results.

Here’s what Pia has accomplished since joining Write Like a MOFO:

  • Re-written all of her website copy from her landing page to sales pages, to about page copy

  • Written and published 40 (FOUR-ZERO!) blog posts, and counting, you can find them here

  • Refreshed her LinkedIn profile to inject more of her expertise and personality 

  • Refined her writing voice to make bigger, bolder statements and sound even more like herself

Pia has been a member of the Write Like a MOFO community since September 2018 and in 10 months, here’s how much work she’s put into improving her copywriting skills:

  • 48+ hours inside the Write Like a MOFO writing marathons, co-writing sessions, and workshops—plus many hours on her own.

  • When our writing marathons end, Pia usually keeps going—often for up to 5 more hours

And more than just showing up to refine her website copy and write regular content for her blog, her experience and the natural way she cheers others on helps many of the other MOFO writers find their own moments of clarity. 

Here’s why you need to know Pia:

  • She knows more than anyone I know about CliftonStrengths® as a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach

  • She’s a coach for salespeople and whips her clients into shape AND everyone has fun in the process 

  • She’s certified in Transformational Hypnosis

  • And she’s BP10™ Trained (entrepreneurial/builder profile)

  • She has an uncanny ability to see the big picture down to the details

When Pia isn’t helping salespeople get back in the game, she’s thinking about how she can get them back in the game (really). You may also find her behind a camera, working on her next book, and definitely loving life.

Get to know more about Pia here and read more about how you can work with her here

And if you’d like to know more about the Write Like a MOFO community and find out when the doors open up again, you can do that here.