MOFO Writer of the Month—Brit Kolo, Founder - Marketing Personalities

Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities Writes Like a MOFO

Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities Writes Like a MOFO

Meet Brit.

Brit Writes Like a MOFO.

And here’s one of her core beliefs that has me wholeheartedly nodding along:

“When I feel good my audience feels good.”

I mean, even just saying that out loud helps me feel relaxed. 

Maybe you’re wondering, “But what about Insta-stories? What about video? What about Facebook Live? What about the latest marketing tactic since walking-tacos?”

Only if they feel good to YOU.

If you already feel more powerful, that’s exactly how I felt when Brit explained my best marketing strategy to me based on my personality type over two years ago.

For me, as an INFJ, my best marketing strategy is long-form content and sharing the work of others whose WHY I can get behind. And the great news is that I was already doing these things! So, I doubled down on this strategy, and it feels hella good!

What doesn’t work for me? High-pressure, high-stakes launches, low-touch, hands-off. BARF! Good news because these are things I don’t do in my business.

Brit Kolo writing like a MOFO

Brit Kolo writing like a MOFO

Pour a cup of dark roast and get to know my girl Brit.

Brit Kolo is the Creator of the Marketing Personality Type Framework at and the Host of the Marketing Personalities Podcast.

Through her framework, designed to match you with your best marketing strategy based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, she’s here to shake up your approach to marketing and inspire you to grow your business in a feel-good way. 

The cool part about marketing that feels good is that your audience will feel good. Know what feeling good means in marketing? More conversations, connections, conversions, and sales.

Grow your business without feeling fake and salesy.

When you’re talking to Brit, get ready to go deep, and discover more about yourself, and especially, grow your business without feeling fake, salesy, or icky. 

I’m honored to call her a friend too, and we have many conversations about marketing, writing, astrology, and our big (and completely reasonable) dreams over wine, and over Voxer.

Growing your business with marketing that’s aligned to your Myers-Briggs personality is not only practical, but it’s also a big fat sigh of relief because you can let go of everything else.

Here’s what Brit has accomplished since joining Write Like a MOFO:

  • Wrote, edited, and published over 50 podcast episodes with corresponding blog posts

  • Updated her podcast intro and outro to align with a major shift in her brand back in January 2019

  • Wrote her keynote speech, totaling over 4,000 words and lots of edits

  • She created and delivered a wildly insightful workshop for the Write Like a MOFO community all about writing for your personality type

  • In July, she rewrote ALL of the Marketing Personalities full reports, and ya’ll — there are 16 (!!!) of them! That adds up to 55,000 words in 45 days.

And of course, she did all this while staying aligned to her best marketing strategy as an ENFJ — she’s like my extraverted cousin.

Brit has been a member of the Write Like a MOFO community since the doors opened in September 2018 and in a year, here’s how much work she’s put into her writing:

  • 96+ hours inside the Write Like a MOFO writing marathons, co-writing sessions, and workshops—plus many hours on her own.

  • Brit is often up early and writing hours before our writing marathons 

And more than just showing up to write her website copy, regular content for her blog, podcast, and email marketing, her wisdom and the natural way she sees the best in others has helped pretty much all of the other MOFO writers find their own moments of simplicity. 

YAY to IRL friends! Photo thanks to

YAY to IRL friends! Photo thanks to

Here’s why you need to know Brit:

  • Her intuition is strong and she’s helped me turn up the volume on my own inner knowing

  • She’s changing the conversations around marketing and making it feel really good

  • She’s a beautiful, capable, delightful human being and is so sure that she’s right where she needs to be at every single step of her journey

  • She’s a writer at heart and has many inspiring pieces of work inside of her that are yet to come out

When Brit isn’t talking about marketing with her business besties, she’s talking about marketing that feels good with a mic in her hand (really). And when she’s not talking about marketing, she’s probably on a lake, sipping a really strong cup of coffee with a huge fiction book in her hands.

Reading about my Marketing Personality Type as an INFJ has made marketing feel SO DANG EASY! The new reports are out and you can bet mine is already printed out and I’m devouring it with sticky notes and a highlighter nearby. Grab your Marketing Personalities report here!

If you enjoyed learning more about Brit, you might like this podcast episode I recorded with her on the Marketing Personalities Podcast, all about writing that feels good. Listen over here.

The Write Like a MOFO community doors are open just for a few weeks with limited spots. Learn about Writing Like a MOFO, apply, and try out a totally free writing session over here. 

If you’ve been thinking about this for a while, know that spots are limited and this is the last time the doors are opening at this price so lock your rate in!