MOFO Writer of the Month—Kristy Runzer

MOFO Feature - June - Kristy.png

Meet Kristy.

Kristy Writes Like a MOFO.

And then when she’s done writing, she’s quick to experiment, get her work out there, test her results, tweak, and move on.

She’s a massive action-taker and that’s just one quality that makes her a MOFO writer.

She’s a money coach who works with solopreneurs who are stuck and avoiding their money. She helps them create a simple, actionable plan so that they can take charge of their finances and feel smarter about money.

Kristy is your girlfriend you can talk to about money, without judgment.

And she was that “traditional” financial planner you might be familiar with for 5 years — AKA, working with pre-retirees who “had money to invest.”  During that time, she helped hundreds of families with financial planning, wealth management, and insurance needs, and earned the Certified Financial Planner designation.

Now, she helps people like her — mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to enjoy their work while they get ahead in their business. And you know, have plenty of money leftover for lattes and traveling to new cities.

Whether you’re laying your foundation and learning to budget, pay off debt, or save; or if you’re looking to build and grow your wealth – she’s got your back.

Here’s what Kristy has accomplished since joining Write Like a MOFO:

  • Developed a live training including the slides and talking points for her webinar

  • Written a sales page for her new signature coaching program for entrepreneurs

  • Learned how to batch write her blog posts so that she’s way ahead of the blogging game

  • Discovered the easy way to plan out her social media content so she hardly needs to think about it at all

Kristy has been a member of the Write Like a MOFO community since September 2018 and in nine months, here’s how much work she’s put into improving her copywriting skills:

  • 9 hours of 1:1 copy review and strategy conversations

  • 45+ hours inside the Write Like a MOFO writing marathons, co-writing sessions, and workshops—plus many hours on her own.

And more than just showing up to polish her writing, her practical ideas and actionable advice have led to many moments of clarity for the others inside the private Write Like a MOFO community.

Here’s why you need to know Kristy:

  • She’ll check you on your old money stories that aren’t serving you anymore

  • She can balance a spreadsheet like nobody’s business

  • Even if you’re embarrassed about your money, Kristy is that judgment-free girlfriend you can talk to without wanting to cover your head with a pillow and hide

And when Kristy isn’t taking action or rolling up her sleeves getting excited about your P&L, you’ll probably find her on the beach, moving her body, or snuggling up with a good book.

If you want to get to know Kristy, you can find her here.

And if you’d like to know more about the Write Like a MOFO community, you can do that here.