MOFO Writer of the Month—Joanna Platt


Joanna Platt Writes Like a MOFO.

Around here, we call her Jo.

Jo Writes Like a MOFO.

That’s better.

Really, the only time you want to be called a MOFO is when we’re calling you a MOFO writer.

Meet Jo, a coach for visionary high-achievers who want to have it all: meaningful work, connected relationships, and plenty of time for themselves.

Jo is on a mission to light up the world one person at a time. She sees the best in others and believes that if everyone knew and owned their superpower, all of the world’s needs would be met.

But, you can’t change the world if you’re exhausted all the time, so Jo helps her clients slow down and calm their inner critics so they can lead and love with confidence and ease.

Jo changes lives, and she has had an impact on mine too. She walks her talk and you can expect Jo to show up fully as herself no matter what.

She brings honest and vulnerable energy to the Write Like a MOFO community and we’re honored to have her.

I’m also a member inside her program Sparkle because it’s okay to shine like a MOFO!

Here’s just a sampling of what Jo has accomplished since joining Write Like a MOFO:

  • Created, launched, marketed, and wrote the sales page, and sales email sequence for her Sparkle Collective membership program

  • Defined and articulated the success path for Sparkle Collective members

  • Discovered how she wanted to show up for her local clients and tap into that in-person power and crafted an offer, Coffee with Jo

  • Crafted a sales page for a local vision-boarding workshop in DC

  • Designed, shaped, and wrote the sales page for a free online workshop to show the stressed-out among us How to Avoid Burnout in Your Pursuit of Having It All,

Jo has been a member of the Write Like a MOFO community since October 2018 and in seven months, here’s how much work she’s put into improving her copywriting skills:

  • 7 hours of 1:1 copy review and strategy. Jo + me and a big coffee for each of us.

  • 45+ hours inside the Write Like a MOFO writing marathons, co-writing sessions, and workshops—plus many hours on her own.

And more than just showing up to refine her writing, her kickass ideas and advice inside the private Write Like a MOFO community have led to dozens of breakthrough moments for other MOFO writers.

Here’s why you need to know Jo:

  • Jo listens like no one I’ve ever met. Talking to Jo and you feel like you’re the only person in the (virtual) room

  • She might cry and she is more than okay with that

  • Her podcast, Love Always, Jo feels like sitting down on the couch, snuggled in blankets to her straight up advice from a good friend

  • Her Asana workflow is lined up with her menstrual cycle—how’s THAT for tuning into you

If you want to get to know Jo, you can find her here.

And if you’d like to know more about the Write Like a MOFO community, you can do that here.