The simplest way to write your manifesto (and what to do with it)

A manifesto is a fun way to talk about yourself without feeling douchey. The corporate version is the mission statement, but we can have a little fun with it.

It’s a simple and easy to ready way to share some small tidbits of information about yourself when you don’t know where else to squeeze in that kind of copy without it sounding awkward.

Here are some writing prompts to get you thinking.

Try not to overthink your answers, just write the first thing that comes to mind.

I believe…

I started this business because…

What lights me up…

I do this work because…

People often disagree with me, but…

When I sit down with a new client I feel…

I love this work because...

I could eat this every day for the rest of my life…

I believe...

What makes smoke come out of my ears…

When I’m not working find me…

I believe…


Then, compile all your statements and reorder them however you like. 

Here's mine.

the Jacqifesto


In spending more time with people than with screens
Working moms should never feel guilty
In bridging right and left brains
Most people are trying
Overtipping is a nice surprise
In short emails & handwritten letters
In writing the first thing that comes to mind
In changing my mind
Red wine is my religion
Purse-chocolate is a thing, so is eating it before dinner
In never saying you’re busy – we all are, and no one really cares
Kids have more to teach us than we have to teach them
A well-placed F- bomb goes a long way
Eat whatever the F*ck you want – no apologies
Dogs have human souls
Spelling matters
When writing, being brief and human are highly seductive
In white space


What to do with your manifesto when you’re done:

  1. Add it to your About Page. Mine is here at the bottom of the page.
  2. Post it on social media.
  3. Send it in your email newsletter
  4. Print it out, put it in a frame and set it somewhere where it’ll inspire you every day.
  5. Get it printed on a postcard and send it out to your clients.
  6. Create a flyer and post it at your local cafe.
  7. Include it at the bottom of every newsletter.
  8. Use one line every day to drive your social media themes.
  9. Read it aloud on a Facebook Live or Insta story.
  10. Add it to your email signature.
  11. Hire an illustrator to draw a picture that represents it.

And most importantly, just have fun with it! 

If you need a hand finding the right words for your manifesto, you can get this as part of Unsuck Your About Page.

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