How to write blog posts if you'd rather make videos

Some of my clients say they love getting on a stage, doing a Facebook live, or recording Insta stories, but when it comes to writing they don't want to do it.

"Can I just do video?”

My answer is usually, "Yes! Do video!... AND take your blog content directly from your videos!”

I like to encourage my clients to think about all the different ways their readers want to consume information. If you shine on camera, do video.

There's no reason to put in much additional effort to get the words out and onto the page. Some people prefer to watch videos, some prefer to read, and some like to do both. Look at your video as a teaser to get people to learn more and keep reading. You can also look at any articles you write as a teaser to get more readers to watch your videos.

Either way, if you’d much rather do video because it feels more natural for you, you don’t have to recreate the wheel and do a whole bunch of extra work to turn that into an engaging or helpful blog post.

If you love video, or do Facebook live’s regularly, the great news is that you’re already way ahead of the content game!

1. Use your voice.
Google Docs now has a voice typing feature! I spoke most of this article to you today. I spend a lot of time staring at a screen and typing and sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I get brilliant ideas in the car. When I’m on the go and can’t safely take notes, I send myself an email using the talk to text feature on my smartphone. When it comes time to review and edit, you’ll have some grammar and copy editing to do, but it will be so much easier than starting from scratch.

2. Summarize the highlights of your videos.
If you just love hopping on Instagram, Facebook Live or Insta stories, there are so many good content nuggets in there that you can use in your blog and your email newsletter. To get the goodies out of your video, watch the playback and summarize the highlights. There’s no need to write 3,000 words on the topic, you can summarize in 500 words. What are the most important parts of your video that you want people to remember?

3. Try a transcription service.
This will cost you a little money depending on how you transcribe your video. I’ve heard good things about from a bunch of video-loving entrepreneurs but haven’t tried it myself (because I prefer writing to video). You’ll still need to review it for grammar and flow, but some transcription services can be pretty accurate.

4. For every video, write a blog (or more!)
When you speak you may naturally bounce around to a few different topics. Instead of thinking of each video as a single blog post, you might realize that you have a few different topics in there and have three blog posts and email newsletters out of a 10 minute Facebook live! How’s THAT for efficient content creation?

5. Get someone else to summarize it.
You may be so close to your message that summarizing feels hard. An objective opinion will be able to pull out the juiciest parts and help you with summarizing. This way, you can carry on making great video content and let someone else do the writing.

Pssst… If you love video and hate writing, you don’t HAVE to write.

I’m a fan of focusing on your strengths to make them stronger. This is also a service I offer to my clients. I’m currently booked up, so if this is something you’re thinking about doing in the future, email me to hop on the waitlist now.

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