how to have a ridiculously sexy (but classy) airport kind of hug


You haven't seen your husband (sub for wife, partner, etc. of your choice) for like two weeks. Twelve days and seven and a half hours to be exact, but who's counting? It's been a long few weeks. You miss him. You've been replaying the moment where you get to see him again. Over, and over in your mind. His plane touched down. You know this because you're stalking the airport arrival screen at the airport like the fat kid and the ice cream truck. You also subscribed to flight status notifications and have been checking it all day, more than Facebook.


This means he'll make his appearance very soon. I wonder how long it will take him to go to the bathroom? I hope he doesn't stop for a snack or anything.

Like at a concert when the lights go off, everything is quiet. Your mind is quiet. You quickly scan everyone's faces as they glide down the red carpet of airport arrivals.

You spot him.



You meet him halfway. Drop your bags and throw your arms around him, breathing in the scent of his neck. Like musk and marshmallows. For 30 seconds you're the only two people in the universe, and the only two that matter.

Right now.


Some people dread the airport. They haaate it. I get it. It's easy to complain about pushy people in the Southwest open seating line, delays, diversions, and the the never-ending fun of the comedy routine that is the TSA security check point.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to shift your focus to another part of the airport - the arrivals. 

In the airport arrival "holding" area, where people anxiously await the arrival of someone they love, and miss the crap out of, they all look happy, hopeful and totally present.

They carry flowers.

They brush their hair.

They're wearing lip gloss.

And deodorant.


They're focused.

In that split second, when they catch a glimpse of the special person they were waiting for.

What happens next is magic. And the most fun to watch. When I was at the airport a few weeks ago picking up my sister, I happily told her I'd get there early and would wait inside for her - so I could airport-hug-watch!

Hugs that are vise-grip tight, like a squeeze of the $30 bottle of face cream you refuse to waste a drop of.

Eyes closed, won't let go.

Face grabbing kisses (save the French kiss for later, s'il vous plaît.)

Compliments. You look soooo goooood!

There's so much joy in the arrivals area, maybe airports should share the arrival love in the departures area. Maybe the departures could stream a live feed of the arrivals, instead of the news.

Delayed another 30 minutes? Watch these people hug the shit out of each other. Warm fuzzies.

What if when the love of your life comes home tonight you surprised them with an airport kind of greeting?

Well, they might wonder what's wrong with you. Or worry about what you did. If Ryan did this to me, I'd wonder if there was a new Harley in the garage, or a new animal on it's way.

Weirdness aside, I promise, if you try it, you're making a bold move. You'll put yourself out there. And you know what? You'll be okay.

Today, greet someone you love like you're having an airport reunion, just for the hell of it.