I believe that everyone can write


This is a potentially unpopular opinion. 

A few people have challenged me on a recently adopted belief I’ve been sharing. 

Every time it comes up, someone pushes back and questions it.

I believe that everyone can write. 

Yes, I believe everyone can write — specifically their own website copy, emails, sales copy, sales emails, social media posts, and more. 

I uncovered this belief while reading Darla LeDoux's, book, Retreat And Grow Rich. In the book, she outlines an activity to help business owners get clear on their truth. A truth that not only I can get behind, but my clients too. 

Here’s the question from the book that led to this belief: “If I could get everyone in the world to agree with me about one thing, what would it be?” I spent a few days journalling on this and seeing what came up for me. 

It kept coming up, and I’d circle back to it a few times before I landed on the belief that everyone can write. And yes, that's not to say that people don't hire people to write because people hire me to write their stuff all the time. My clients who get the best results have done some of the writing themselves and spend time rolling up their sleeves and figuring out there special sauce too.

Business owners can do their own writing when they carve out the time, have a little guidance, support, and some coaching. Patience certainly helps too. 

Inside the Write Like a MOFO+ community, some community members might come to their first writing marathon feeling a little tentative about writing and especially about hitting publish. Often it’s around sharing a personal story or starting a sales conversation. 

Usually, a quick review, a short conversation, some edits, and some pointers gets them on their way to sitting tall, tapping the publish button and feeling damn good. Oh, and then they keep doing it again and again.

The other reason I know that everyone can write? It’s because I believe that writing for impact is more important than writing for perfect grammar, structure, or prose. 

Perfect grammar — boring AF. 

Big impact, humor, a story that brings tears to my eyes and makes me change how I do life? THAT is someone who can write. 

And I believe you can write with impact. Give me a book, blog, email with heart and impact, and I’m so there. 

No-fuss, no screwing around, only words that connect.

I'm not interested in looking at your writing for commas in the right place, although sometimes I do that — especially if it's an Oxford comma. 

Mostly many of the business owners I work with are looking for a gut check, a second opinion, a fresh set of eyes. 

If the question is, “Should I publish this?” Yes, the answer is usually yes. Especially if you’re a business owner, who aims to serve, educate, or entertain while they change the world. 

Chances are if you're even asking the question, “Should I publish this?” Then I believe your heart and your head are in the right place, and you can go ahead and hit publish.

If you enjoyed this article then I believe you can write.

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