don't make this mistake when watching a sunset



I'm writing this to you from Treasure Island, Florida. The meeting place of Ry and I. It all started right here 13 years ago. Well, actually it started here.

I promise to tell you the story of how we met very soon. You'll find it quite entertaining, especially Ry's version. 2016 update - here's the story! 

After a long day of traveling - a day that started at 3 am, followed by parking lot yelling [mostly me], and a 3-year old who refused to carry her own luggage, we dropped the kids off at Grandma's and bolted out the door to enjoy a kid-free, fuss-free dinner where Ry proceeded to devour a steak that was really meant for two people. There was no free t-shirt involved or a free anything.

Halfway through the jumbo sea scallop appetizer, I reminded him that we have not watched a Treasure Island sunset together in all these years! WTF? 

All 13 of these years.

I begged him to sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset with me.

He didn't want to go. He whined. A lot.

"I'm tired."

"I don't want to get all sandy."


I dismissed his whining with a wave of my hand and said, "Shut up, you're watching the sunset with me. Let's go."

And off we went.

As far as sunsets go, it was nice. A flurry of red, orange, pink and yellow made their graceful appearance across the baby blue sky. It was relaxing, calm, and serene, complete with the warm salty breeze you'd expect to mess up your hair as it blew off the Gulf. Because, sexy beach hair.

It was a sunset that made you feel all the feels that sunsets are supposed to make you feel.


As we sat on the bench, we noticed dozens of people were rushing out to catch the same sunset. Except these people had a slightly different viewing experience.

They had their smartphones in hand, ready to take a selfie as if their lives depended on thumbing that little camera icon with nothing more than a flinch.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter I have tendencies to think in 140-character status updates. I wondered what the selfie-takers were saying.

"I was here, look at me, I'm the kind of person that watches sunsets....and brings my phone because...the internet."

Lovers were standing next to each other, both of them with their phones in hand snapping pics of the sunset.

Families were sitting together with one parent  ignoring their kids and taking pictures of the sunset.


It may create a reminder for you of the sunset you watched that one time in Treasure Island. But you will miss the feeling. 

Next time, I dare the damn sunset.