Batch blogging: The smartest way to keep fresh content on your blog

Ugh! It's Monday morning and I'm supposed to be writing a blog post. 

"I don't know what to write about."

"I have other stuff to do."

"I just don't want to."

You know that blogging is the best way to build a relationship with your audience. 

You're fully aware that your blog is the best sales tool you have. 

And ya, ya, ya, your blog shows off your expertise.


I feel you. Really, I do. I manage content for smart people, I even give them a year's worth of blogging inspiration. When it comes to my own blog, more often than not, I sit and stare at a flashing cursor on a blank page. 

The cursor taunts me...

"You have nothing to say, just go watch America's Got Talent instead."

"You can skip this week."

"And next week too."

Here's the secret. If I batch my blog posts, posting a new blog every week is easy! Here's how to make blog post batching work for you:

  1. Dream up a huge list of topics you can blog about. To do this, think about what people are always asking you about. What do you know about that you can share? What experience gives you an edge? What can you teach people? Start brainstorming, and then keep going. In 30 minutes, you can come up with at least 6 months of ideas.

  2. Choose your favorites. Once you've brainstormed a huge list, highlight your favorites. Which ones are you most excited to write about? Which ones light you up?

  3. Block 2-3 hours. Find a few hours on your schedule to write an ugly first draft of a few blog posts. Once you've scheduled your writing time, create a fresh Google Doc or Word Doc with your titles for at least 7-10 post ideas. This is almost three months of content!

  4. Write like a MOFO. It's now your scheduled blogging time. You've blocked your calendar, removed all distractions, have a full belly and a big cup of coffee and are ready to write. A coffee shop is my favorite place to do this. Write quick and dirty on each topic. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, or even sounding remotely smart. Just get all your thoughts on this topic on the page. Do this for all of your topics. If you have time leftover, revisit your favorites and start editing. (Psst... we can write like MOFOs together too.)

  5. Blog posting day! When it's time to post fresh content on your blog, you now have a whole lotta content to choose from. Choose whichever post feels the most timely or excites you the most right now. Edit that one. Once you've done the hard work of writing and getting the ideas out, the editing part should come easier.

  6. Pop the champagne! Because you have fresh content on your blog this week!

Want to join me in an online writing marathon? Now you can do that here! Sign up for Write Like a MOFO!

Need some help getting started? Sometimes all people need is a pick-list of inspiration. I can customize a year's worth of blog post titles for you here!

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