8 ridiculously easy ways to promote your blog posts

You just spent an hour finalizing and tweaking your latest blog post and hit publish. BOOM! DONE!

What next? Time to write the next piece of content?


Now that you've just posted your blog post you want your article to have “legs” and to let it walk as far as it can to reach more people.

I mean after all that hard work you want people to read it. You want to get out there and have people recognize you as an expert.

“How can I promote my blog post once I’ve published it?”

I get this question a lot. In fact, I heard this question three times last week and inside the Write Like a MOFO community, so I'm writing about this to you today. (Side note: I hope you’re adding topics to your blogging inspiration list when peeps seek your expertise!)

Earlier this year, I wondered the same thing. And honestly, if it weren’t for me getting smacked in the forehead with the advice from Marketing Personalities and a private session with Brit Kolo’s decoding, I’d still be posting and then moving on wondering what to talk about each day in my Insta-stories.

Now, my blog is a machine. It kicks off a flurry of events that makes every article, and me, more visible. And that's how you become known. Little by little, getting out there and being seen.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Daily Social Media Posts.
With a blog post going live once a week, use that as your content anchor for the rest of the posts you’ll share on social media each day. As an example, my weekly blog post goes live each Tuesday, and then I create at least three social media templates and share tidbits from my article all week long on my favorite social media outlets. If you want to see this in action, check out my Instagram feed on how I share stories from this blog post all week long.

2. Insta-Story and video inspiration.
Every article can turn into a daily video or a series of Insta-stories that go live each day for the week. Take just one theme from your blog post and say a few words about it on video. Or if you have a list of items from your recent blog post (like this post has 8 items), cover them all in an Insta-story. When you do this, I strongly suggest you follow Tyler McCall’s advice from his recent interview with Amy Porterfield.

3. Create premium content.
Do you have more that you can share on your recent blog topic? Maybe you could turn this into an audio, or go deeper into the topic and create a freebie, or paid PDF download. Or perhaps you have more knowledge on the topic that you could create an entire offer around.

4. Share with podcast hosts.
Which podcast audiences need to hear what you just shared? Could you send those podcast hosts a friendly note sharing your recent article and what their listeners would get out of your wisdom? This way of pitching podcasts is so much easier than saying, “Oh hey, you’re um, so rad, can I be on your podcast?” This way, you’re sending them a super specific note about a topic that you’ve already proven your expertise on. Easy win-win for the host and for you!

5. Who inspired your article?
Share it with them! Send a short and sweet personal email telling them why they inspired your recent article and send them the link and a note of thanks.

6. Revisit your article.
Could you have gone deeper on any of the points in your article? If so, jot down these topics for future inspiration.

7. Go live!
Some peeps just love video, and what better way than to see your beautiful face talking through your points of your article on a Facebook or Instagram Live?

8. Turn your blog into a newsletter.
The easy way to do this is to just put your entire post into the email and add some personalization. No one wants to leave the comfort of their inbox, so why not make it easy for them? More on this here. I'm a HUGE fan of this easy newsletter creation method.


With just a little bit of planning, the time you spend blogging each week for your business could be amplified by some or all of these ideas!

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