8 lessons in writing, business, and life


I only share things that I personally use and love. This post contains affiliate links. But, I was going to recommend this stuff anyway, so I might get some latte money for celebrating it.

April 1 is a special day, and not because it’s April fool’s day. For me, April 1 is freedom day.

On April 1, 2017, I began working on my business full-time. After spending 12 years in the corporate world and a few false starts in side hustles, and then over a year of running my copywriting business on the side until I had the momentum needed to feel secure enough to step into this business full time.

The verdict: It’s still fucking awesome and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

Year 2 in business was different than year 1. The first year was all about finding my groove, finding clients, making a mess, and seeing what worked well, what felt good, and what didn’t.

You can read the 10 lessons from year 1 here. And summed up below:

  1. Just because you work 50 hours at an office doesn’t mean you’ll do the same at home.

  2. Die Empty.

  3. Track your time.

  4. Get out.

  5. Clean your desk off every night and at the end of each week.

  6. Plan your week on Sunday.

  7. Celebrate the wins.

  8. Have a plan.

  9. Get help.

  10. Unplug.

Here are 8 lessons from year 2 that may help you in your business whether you’re on day 1, year 1, or year 5.

  1. Be smart with where you get advice. This means I only ask people who care about my business as much as I do. First, the best investment I made in my business was in a highly curated mastermind group—Kickass Masterminds. The ladies in my group have my back. They keep me accountable, remind me of promises I made to myself, and make me a better business owner and a better human.

  2. Create every damn day. If you’re in a service-based business, there’s a good chance that spending time creating something for you and your business is what will keep your work and your mind sharp. For me, this means working on a personal writing project, blogging, and sharing stories makes me a better writer and coach, which helps me serve my clients better. My clients get better results, and my business grows.

  3. My favorite clients are on a soul ride with me. For clients to get the best results and for me to deliver massive value, they need to be all in. I go deep with all my clients and match their energy level in their business. Half-assed? Never. All-in, 111% total focus. We’re on a ride together that goes way deeper than writing and editing. We become friends. And friends don’t let friends write junk.

  4. Yes to marketing that feels good and works. This has been key for me. There’s so much marketing advice out there and it can make your head spin trying to keep up. And most of it can feel fake and sleazy. My friend and mastermind sister, Brit Kolo, has created a website that matches you with your best marketing strategy—one that feels GOOD, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

    I’m an INFJ and based on the Marketing Personality Type framework, that means I’m really great at weaving in (shocker) long-form content into my marketing strategy. And not just that, that’s enough for me. What feels good to write, create, and sell, feels good to your tribe. Click here to find out what YOUR best marketing strategy includes.

  5. Let yourself to be dumb. When I first started playing with what copy coaching would look like in my business, I had no clue how it would play out. I held some writing marathons with the goal of keeping an open mind to discover what worked well and what didn’t. I quickly learned the best format for coaching business owners to become better writers was in a curated, application-only community. As of today, the community has grown to roughly 25 amazing, big-hearted members. When Write Like a MOFO first began, I went into it knowing that I was going to be as dumb as I’d ever be. You serve, you learn, and you make it better.

  6. Writing for your business brings up all kinds of emotions. In the Write Like a MOFO community, the business owners in there know that writing can be hard work. Sharing your work, promoting your business, and making it all work brings up lots of feelings. And if you read back to #3 on this list—everyone in Write Like a MOFO hasn't only signed up for writing marathons and coaching, they signed up for a soul ride. Sometimes in our coaching sessions—both private and as a group, emotions bubble over and there are tears. And tears always happen right before a breakthrough.

    Crying and being a badass in business aren’t mutually exclusive.

  7. Do just 1 or 2 things and do them really well. There are 2 things I focus on in my business:

    1. Writing copy

    2. Coaching business owner’s to become better writers

      And the two often overlap. Remember that soul ride clients and I take together? In addition to giving clients simple copy that converts, they learn why we write this way, so everything they write gets better.

  8. For the love of good wine, step back from your keyboard. This lesson is ongoing and only becomes more important the longer I’m in business. Stepping away from my home office and connecting with business owners in person is life. In 2019 I’ve traveled to San Diego and will travel to Austin, Toronto, and Portland—all to connect in real life, build relationships, and learn from others.

So what’s next in 2019 and beyond?
Looking back is always helpful before looking forward.

  • Expect to hear about Write Like a MOFO a heck of a lot more. A handful of more community MOFOs are welcome, and then the doors will close for a while.

  • Copywriting clients are going to continue by referral and application

  • A way to step away from your business, with me!

  • A book, by me!

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