33 binge-worthy blog posts to make you a better blogger


We just celebrated Memorial Day in the US which is the unofficial kickoff to summer.

If you’re in the US I hope you enjoyed some BBQ’d goodness and some fireworks—which I hear looks so much better through nature’s camera—your eyeballs, and not your phone. Wink, wink.

The same goes for sunsets.

Today I have a roundup of your favorite blog posts ever on one of my favorite topics—BLOGGING!

You’ll find these blog articles helpful if:

  • you’re in the early days of blogging and feel stuck or don’t know where to start

  • your muse has disappeared and you need blogging inspiration and you need it fast

  • blogging is fun and easy for you and you want to make it even more fun

  • content creation feels slow and tedious

  • you’re thinking of throwing in the blogging towel

In this curated list, you’ll find everything from where to find blogging inspiration, how to batch your blog posts, how to turn them into social content, and even how to keep blogging when you want to quit.

Consider this list a menu—click on the titles that sound most interesting to you.

Happy bingeing! So much more productive than a Netflix binge!

  1. Questions to ask yourself before you start a blog

  2. Should you have comments on your blog?

  3. Where you (really) need to look for inspiration

  4. 6 unfussy ways to find your blogging voice

  5. Learn how to write powerful headlines (and 21 samples to inspire)

  6. 7 of your biggest blogging questions—answered

  7. What if writing was easy?

  8. Your opening line - how to make your blog post stand out

  9. Let’s talk about happy endings—how to end your blog post

  10. your body of content is a charcuterie board

  11. Talk about one piece of content ALL week long

  12. A behind the scenes peek inside my weekly content creation and sharing process

  13. 8 ridiculously easy ways to promote your blog posts

  14. 7 compelling reasons why you need a blog if you're an artist

  15. Why you need to get over your fear of writing articles on LinkedIn and how to do it

  16. Your blog is a sales tool (steal my scripts for selling directly from your blog!)

  17. 10 ridiculously easy (and free) ways to write faster

  18. The groundhog day that is weekly blogging

  19. 6 lessons that have changed the way I write

  20. How to write blog posts if you'd rather make videos

  21. How to make blogging painless when you hate blogging (or have better things to do)

  22. Your heart is in the right place, hit publish already!

  23. 21 reminders for times when you feel like quitting your blog

  24. done is better than perfect—getting your work out there

  25. 8 tips to create a successful writing marathon

  26. Host your own writing marathon: 11 simple tips

  27. Batch blogging: The smartest way to keep fresh content on your blog

  28. The easy way to turn your blog post into an email newsletter

  29. How to write a sh*tty first draft

  30. Simple tricks to be your own editor

  31. Once upon a time, you were a badass at storytelling

  32. 15 ridiculously easy (and fun) things to do with your blog post that have nothing to do with SEO

  33. Writer’s block is bullsh*t

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