30 writing projects you can start and finish today

“I have a dozen unfinished blog posts.”

“I start writing a blog post and don’t know when to stop.”

“Every time I sit down to write one thing I’m all over the place, so I usually just give up.”

Starting is easy.

Finishing is hard.

I hear this from so many of my clients and experts in my network.

They all have one thing in commonthey’re really good at what they do, they just can’t finish a damn thing.


Well, if the thing is a writing project, I’ve got you covered. Finishing is awesome. The sense of accomplishment from setting out to hit a goal, and getting it done is like nothing else.

The beautiful part about getting stuff done? Momentum. That’s right. You’ll get more done. More finished writing projects. More checkmarks on your to-do list.

Crossed-off to-do list items are a thing of beauty.

You might be surprised how much you can accomplish in a day. Here are some small(ish) writing projects you can finish before you hit the pillow tonight.

  1. A 500-word blog post.

  2. An Instagram post to go with a picture you snapped recently.

  3. Your social media bios.

  4. Your LinkedIn profile.

  5. A thank you note to someone who has helped you out.

  6. An email newsletter based on your last blog post.

  7. A blog post based on your last Facebook live.

  8. A sales page for your latest offer.

  9. An email pitch for a podcast you’d love to be on.

  10. An Amazon book review for a book you loved.

  11. Create a resource list of your top ## go-to’s for your industry.

  12. Create a roundup of your 10 favorite blog posts.

  13. Your manifesto.

  14. A list of the books that changed your life.

  15. Detail your morning routine.

  16. Make up a story about a favorite piece of art.

  17. A poem about one of your favorite thingscoffee, wine, chocolate, asparagus

  18. A welcome kit for new clients working with you.

  19. A series of welcome emails for your new email subscribers.

  20. A “see you later” kit when you’re wrapped up with a client project.

  21. Your can’t-live-without business tools or software.

  22. Write a letter to your mom, dad, partner, kid.

  23. A list of things you’re grateful for today.

  24. 25 things you love doing in your spare time.

  25. A professional bio for your website.

  26. Your email signature.

  27. A letter to yourself in the future1 year, 5 years, or 10 years.

  28. A playlist for a specific activity, and a description.

  29. An outline for a book you’ve been meaning to write.

  30. A few of your theme words for the coming month.


As you read these, you may have been nodding along. Uhhh huhh. And chances are you could write a handful of these in one day or even two of them in the next hour.

Start something. Finish something.

Here are three more articles you can start and finish today. Just come back to this one so you can write something, okay?


Jacqueline Fisch