28 crave-worthy blog posts to kick up your creativity


We just turned the calendar from June to July and also closed out the second quarter and the first half of the year. 

How are you feeling in the creativity department? Are you feeling a little uninspired or even super lit up and want to keep that momentum going?

If you’re in Canada, you just celebrated Canada Day (EH to my fellow Canadians!) And if you’re in the US you’re getting ready to celebrate Independence Day. (HEY to my fellow Americans!)

Summer holidays give us a wonderful opportunity to unplug, watch fireworks—with your eyeballs, and not your phone please, and read some stuff to plant some seeds when it’s time to get back to business. 

Here are 28 seeds all about creativity. There are so many goodies in here that I share with my clients when they’re feeling stuck, or when they can’t seem to make writing feel easier—and people tell me that this stuff works.

Today I have a roundup of your favorite blog posts ever on one of my favorite topics—CREATIVITY!

You’ll find these blog articles helpful if:

  • You used to call yourself “creative” and don’t know who that person is anymore

  • You’re staring at sunset after sunset and can’t seem to find that spark

  • You’ve been journalling day and night and just can’t decide on your next big move

  • You’re feeling a little bored in your work and need to splatter it with some more fun

In this curated list, you’ll find everything from where to find writing inspiration, how to make writing easier, morning routines, how to tune out the noise and tune into YOU, and even how to start any kind of project.

Happy reading! So much more fun than a Netflix binge!

  1. writer's block is bullshit

  2. done is better than perfect—getting your work out there

  3. Too much advice? Consider an advice detox

  4. This blog post title is intentionally left blank

  5. What if writing was easy?

  6. mastering your craft

  7. Why sending pointless emails to your audience is a smart move

  8. your own space to create, think, and just...be

  9. Your heart is in the right place, hit publish already!

  10. Stop judging every brushstroke of your life

  11. I want to die a little every damn day (and that's a good thing)

  12. Getting out of your head and into taking action

  13. You’re the company you keep

  14. it's not the critics who are creating... you are

  15. Celebrating your wins doesn't diminish others

  16. they knew it all along, but I finally woke up

  17. If you sell anything, energy matters in everything you do

  18. A free daily practice to fill your creative well (that's also like therapy)

  19. Screw passion. Let your talent lead the way.

  20. Try this crazy simple (and totally free) way to get out of a creative funk

  21. 10 (free or cheap) things to do when you've run out of inspiration

  22. Where you (really) need to look for inspiration

  23. you don't have to have it all figured out

  24. Shut up! When it's time for an information diet

  25. This blog post title is intentionally left blank

  26. The secret to starting any kind of big project

  27. 21 amazing alternatives to scrolling Facebook

  28. Quiet, simple, intentional - Peek inside my unfussy morning routine

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