21 reminders for times when you feel like quitting your blog

It might have taken you a while to find your blogging groove, but once you did, you were on a role. You played with batching a bunch of posts in one copywriting marathon day.

You’re proud that you’re finally showing up consistently to the page.

Then something happened that you can’t quite put your finger on.

You got busy with client work, something else came up, and you missed a week.

“It’s okay; I’ve been blogging every week for ages, no one will notice if I just miss one.”

You’ll make sure to write another blog post next week.

Except for next week, and the week after that rolls around and you don’t get to it. There are too many other things pressing for your attention.

You wonder if you should just quit. Does anyone care anyway?

I get it. When I first started my first blog (a food blog— here's an oldie if you're curious), I wrote every single day. They were brief little blog posts sometimes, a recipe, or 300 words on a super simple bite-sized tip. It was a pace I couldn’t keep up. I wrote every day just to build up a significant body of content—and this is something you can do too!

After a while though, I didn’t want to write anymore. I had a corporate job at the time, so I had what I thought was a reasonable excuse.

I’ve been blogging for seven years. Now, I’m more on than off and missing a week is rare. There were definitely times I wanted to quit writing. Maybe you’re feeling this way too.

Here are 21 reminders to hopefully keep you going when you feel like throwing in the blogging towel:

  1. People make a buying decision based on a blog post.

  2. Blogging regularly will build your body of work. Just think, if you blog every week for a year, that’s 52 posts!

  3. It’s the best way to build your credibility online.

  4. Your blog post could change the life of just one person.

  5. Your article could change a life a year after you post it. So, ahem, can we please let go of instant gratification?

  6. When you show up week after week at the page, your readers begin to take notice. Even if they take a break from reading for a year and come back to your blog, they’ll be wowed that you’re still at it.

  7. You’ll establish yourself as the authority on your topic.

  8. Your words may be exactly what someone needs to hear today.

  9. Blogging creates trust with your readers.

  10. It’s the easiest way to practice your writing and find your blogging voice.

  11. It’s a fun way to share stories and lessons.

  12. Your consistent blog will set you apart from competitors.

  13. SEO likes websites that are regularly updated.

  14. It’ll help you organize your thoughts and learn.

  15. Reach new audiences through a reader sharing your article. Without your blog, what would they share?

  16. Your blog encourages interaction. It’s an easy way to start a conversation.

  17. It can keep you focused on your marketing strategy—if you’re getting ready for a launch, you can create blog content directly related to your launch to warm up your audience.

  18. It’s the cheapest marketing tool you have.

  19. The more you blog, the more inspiration you’ll find. Heck, I find inspiration at the hockey rink and parties.

  20. It can open doors for guest blogging and podcast opportunities. Another prominent website will be more likely to have you as a guest when you show up to the page time after time.

  21. It might not be great; and that's okay! If you're growing a small audience, it's likely no one will notice an unfinished thought, half-baked idea, or typo. Just get it out there.

Unless your readers need 2,000-word essays from you, keep it brief. Depending on your audience, they may prefer a 500-word post about a topic that will be their rocket fuel to keep going. This is your permission slip to keep it simple. Stick to one topic, write like you’re writing to one person, and choose whether you want to be helpful, entertaining, controversial, or all of the above.

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