unfussy & unproductive - September 9

Happy Friday! Here are some quick and dirty (spicy too!) things to check out this morning before you dive head first into work! I swear Mommypotamus' fire cider saved my ass from getting sick last year. I had exactly ONE cold during last year's cold and flu season. This elixir, plus daily echinacea, probiotics, kombucha, increased vitamin C, and D kept me healthy. I just finished my first cold of the season (pre-fire cider) earlier this week - thanks preschool germies! Hope that'll be the first and last for the season!

Are we friends on Goodreads? It's like Facebook for book nerds. I like using it to track the books I've read - especially helpful when I'm recommending a book that's on the tip of my tongue and I can't remember the title. My 2015 reading list? Right here. I'm at 37 books so far for 2016.

Jacq Fisch Books 2016

Antiquing is my new favorite thing. Found this typewriter - I'm reinking it (pray for me!) so Jacob can write his book.

Antique Typewriter

Also found some awesome new jewelry. The minimalist in me wears very little, and I, of course, love things that serve a purpose - jewelry included. Here's my new quartz and ruby necklace (did you know raw ruby is purple? I didn't!) from Amy Kae Atelier (french for "workshop").

Ruby and quartz