unfussy & unproductive - September 2

u&u93 Here's the best stuff I wasted my time with ogling on the internet this week. Enjoy these before heading out this weekend!

(1) I pretty much only drink wine and port, and if I smell boozy things I dry heave, apparently this is because I "ruined" my palate on shitty booze when I was young and dumb. That's what the guys from Bar Reviver podcast have to say - plus a lot of other cool stuff.

(2) Does the phrase, "team up with a partner" give you palm sweats? Me too. That's why I wrote this. We don't always need to be on a team you guys.

(3) BBQing this weekend? The #1 tip for grill masters isn't a tip at all. It's so easy but we all eff it up. 

(4) September is the best month of the year. Not because of the "F" word. I promise not to drop a single pumpkin-orange-leaf-ahhh-fall statement on you this year. It's the best month because it's my birthday. Here are some cool ways to celebrate yours. I'll be borrowing a few of these for mine.

(5) To keep eighty-million balls that are running a family, a biz and everything that goes along with it, I mainly rely on Google calendar. I have half a dozen categories, and if it's not on my Google calendar, it doesn't exist. I use another system for my daily tasks and it helps me get the important shit done. There's no other way I'd be able to work full time, write blogs here, on LinkedIn, and on other sites, teach writing workshops, write a book, make art, and show up at almost every hockey practice. The Desire Map. It's secret diary + day planner. It's hefty and beautiful, and I use it every single day. The 2017 collection  is out now, I just ordered the daily edition. There's also a weekly version if you like the 10,000-foot view of things. (PS - these  are affiliate links - I get a kickback if you buy one).