unfussy and unproductive - August 26


Short round-up today. With the last unofficial weekend before Labor Day, I want you to be somewhat productive, okay?

(1) What happens when you mix black paint, sweaty cross-fitters, and canvas? THIS amazingness from unfussy and untortured artist, Kent Youngstrom, that will be the perfect addition to your home gym or art room. Watch here to see how they were made. If you try this at home, please send pics. I think I'm going to try it with hockey pucks + slapshots!

(2) You've heard about farm-to-table, right? What about table-on-the-mother-lovin-farm? I went to one of these events from Locavore Farm last year and am definitely going again. They have a micro handful of tickets left for September - will I see you there? I think you'll like it.

(3) I only pack a carry-on for every vacation - even the 10 days I spent in Paris. It can be done. This lady packed 100 things into her's I'd venture to ask - do you really need 100 things though?

(4) Hockey season is upon us (fist pump!) Here are 13 simple rules. Hockey parents - read closely.

PS - writing workshops are coming back! This one is for renegades only. PPS - miss last week's U&U?