unfussy & unproductive - August 19th

uuaug19 Happy unproductivity! Here are a few things to check out while you sip your coffee and pretend to be working.

(1) Wanna eat like you're at the Olympics? Check out this piece I wrote for Fooda and make your own moqueca! I added shrimp and Portuguese red pepper sauce - then I enjoyed all the leftovers for the next three days. Like many of us, it gets better with age.

(2) Tony Robbins fan? I only know a handful of people who aren't - either way, most people have a passionate opinion about him. Have you watched his latest documentary on Netflix - I'm Not Your Guru? Loved it. Watch it, then listen to Tim Ferriss' interview with him this week.

(3) This has been on the internet a while, but always a good reminder when you're worried about drawing inspiration from others. I know a lot of artists and writers who get tripped up with this. Moral, of the story, don't - Steal Like an Artist. 

(4) Ever pop open your laptop with the best intentions to GSD (get shit done - a new acronym I learned this week) and find yourself with a dozen browser tabs open and no idea what you were supposed to be doing? If you identify the potholes and keep your shit together for just 10 minutes, you can change all this. Epic, right?

(5) I don't watch the news, pretty much ever. then I listed to Trust Me, I'm Lying from Ryan Holiday - and even though I was already suspect (translation: trust NOTHING online and check all sources!) this reaffirmed my belief that the news is basically brain junk.

(6) Joe Morris, a friend of mine recently left the ad agency life. Now he's making art - both the kind for your walls and the kind you ride. We attended his gallery opening last week, basically, I want to live there.


PS - miss the last version? More time killers here!


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