unfussy & unproductive

Perfect reading for screw-the-dog-Friday, avoiding-the-gym-Saturday, or pretending-laundry-doesn't-exist-Sunday. Here's a roundup of links to click through and a perfect excuse to be unproductive for a while.

(1) I finished most of the kids' back to school shopping. I went alone, it was wonderful. For the rest, I'm ordering from Amazon. Have you seen these reusable baggies that'll replace plastic zippered bags? Check out these and other eco-friendly radness from my friend Ashlee Piper over in this news segment. I just hope the kids don't accidentally toss them!

(2) Love chocolate AND you're cutting out sugar and carbs? I've made these salted macadamia nut chocolates three times in the past week. The first time I skipped the nuts and they were still delicious. How have I been buying store-bought chocolate all this time?

Chocolate Fat Bomb with Macadamia & Sea Salt, photo courtesy of KETOGASM.com

Mine weren't quite as pretty. I used Himalayan pink salt!

Pink-salted macadamia nut chocolate fat bombs.

(3) I had heard of Bulletproof coffee a few months ago and admittedly thought the idea of putting butter in your coffee was disgusting. When Ryan started drinking it, I took a sip and OMG! I don't say this lightly - GAME CHANGER. Here's how you make it. My personal recipe -16 oz. brewed organic coffee (I haven't tried the Bulletproof brand coffee), 2 tbsp. grass-fed unsalted butter, 1 tbsp. MCT oil (coconut oil will do if you're trying for the first time), and 7 drops of vanilla-flavored liquid stevia. I'm experimenting with adding maca and cocoa powder. Throw it all in the blender for 20-30 seconds, sip it, and work like a BOSS until noon. Did I say, GAME CHANGER? It might make you a better human. 

GAME-CHANGER, in an appropriate mug.

(4) What happened to the lunch hour? I find it amazing and a little hilarious that communication pros (like me!) take an hour. Good for us! Where do you land on this cool infographic from Fooda?

(5) Have you heard of the You Are Beautiful Sticker? I order them in bulk and stick them to everything. You'll find one on the back of my phone, on notebooks, and water bottles. The rest I tuck into restaurant receipts, library books, and tip jars.

(6) Obsessed with Moleskins? You know - the notebooks. Check out this new concept in Milan - coffee, shop, art. I'll be gone for a week you guys, this is where you'll find me.

(7) Have a book lover in your life but don't know what books to buy them? Check out these awesome lit gifts. Also, my birthday is in September - you know, if you weren't sure what to get me.

(8) Personality-test junkie? Have you taken the Enneagram test? You can take it here. Then listen to this insightful interview with Amanda Johnson and Wendy May. I'm a 4.

(9) Have you heard of Notes from the Universe? I get a lovely reminder from the internet every day (you choose how often to hear from the universe though). This is what Thursday's message was....

I can imagine that from your perspective, it must seem like some truly awful things happen in time and space. So, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to weigh in.

Jacqueline, you live in a world of illusions. A world that springs from a much deeper and far greater reality. And while at times the illusions are indeed ugly, with your physical senses you only see the tip of the iceberg. If you could see the whole, you'd discover that the unpleasantness was only the tiniest piece of a most spectacular puzzle that was created with order, intelligence, and absolute love. You'd see that contrary to appearances, in the grandest scheme of things, nothing is ever lost, no one becomes less, and setbacks are always temporary. And you'd understand that no matter what has happened, everyone lives again, everyone laughs again, and everyone loves again, even more richly than before.

Hubba, hubba -     The Universe

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