the magic of being intentional



Be intentional.

Speak intentionally. This means not inflecting your tone at the end of a statement.

Speak confidently.

Just ask the question. Don’t apologize. Just ask.

If you don’t know something – ask. I promise you won’t look stupid – UNLESS – you preface your question with, “So this may be a stupid question…” Anything following your unnecessary disclaimer will sound like a stupid question – cross my heart.

Don’t blame me, it’s your fault for telling me you had a stupid question. Get that voice out of your head and it will get out of your communication.

Are you acting tentatively?

If you’re tentative, everyone else will either tentatively follow you, or turn the other way – and find someone who is acting with purpose.

When you’re not sure what your next move should be. Left or right, are you getting in the Starbucks line or not?

Fake it.

Pick a path, and follow it.

When you act with intention you set the stage.

For greatness. For whatever the hell you want.

When you step up and know exactly what you’re asking for without wavering – what you want will be heard.

Loud and clear.

Be intentional with your time. Spend most of your life minutes doing things you enjoy. Because why not? Memento Mori.

Be intentional with your energy. Are you going to give your precious energy to someone who tears you down? Are you going to walk around as a worry pants all day?


What intentional, deliberate, action will you take today?


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