Why we’re all desperately waiting for you to stop complaining about work


Well, mostly because it’s annoying.

If you’re one of my Facebook friends, you get three complaints, then I unfollow you. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

I’m not keeping an excel spreadsheet logged with your name and complaints, but if I see you complaining, and can’t remember the last nice thing you said – au revior!

Puppies, unicorns and rainbows – always welcome. So are memes that tell me how drinking wine every day is good for me and chocolate makes me smarter and more good looking.


Here’s the scripts running through my head while you’re whining about work:

  1. Just yesterday you said you loved your job – which is it?
  2. Are you being forced to work there? I didn’t think so. Do something else, or stop complaining.
  3. Is it really that bad? Find something you’re grateful for first. It might stop your complaining in its tracks.
  4. All the time you’re spending complaining could be spent doing something productive. Or the exact thing you’re complaining about – hop to it!
  5. I’m trying to stay positive, and your negative thoughts are ruining my juju.
  6. I just want you to be happy – really, I do. Can I help?
  7. Because you’re not good at it anyway, go do something you’re good at.
  8. Because we know that there’s power in acceptance. Can you find just a smidge of love in what you’re doing right now? It’ll make every day better – promise. Cross my heart.
  9. They’re paying you right? That money is supporting you, your dreams, even if you’re using that money to build another dream. Either way – you’re supported.
  10. Gratitude creates more reasons to be grateful and what we focus on expands.
  11. How do you want to feel at work? Create the experience you want to experience.
  12. Want some help with your resume? Just ask.
  13. Womp, womp, womp, womp … what was that? You lost me at, “UGH!”


Hate your job?

Do you really?

I mean, really hate it.

Can you find just three good things about your job?

Maybe it’s as simple as:

  • I get paid
  • I talk to grown ups
  • We have Starbucks in the building


Focus on what’s working. Gratitude begets gratitude, and joy expands. If you can find a few things to be happy about, focus on those. Then multiply them.

Maybe you hate what you’re doing – but you met some really cool people and learned some great skills that will make your resume sparkle.

Or maybe you love that you get to leave work at work, and never take it home with you, or it allows you the freedom to buy a latte every day, buy a new car every three years, flexible working hours, and cake on your birthday.

Finding a few good things will make you feel happier, which will make you less of a jerk to be around. Less of a jerk = more friends = people are happier to be around you = better work day = job doesn’t suck so bad.

If you simply cannot find a few redeeming qualities about your job, I’m guessing, they’re not forcing you to work there.

Yes, of course you can say, “But I need a job I can’t find another one.”

Is that true? Have you actually tried to find another job? How hard did you really look?

Even if you’ve been looking for three months or three years – you just haven’t found the right one yet. Hang on. Your dream job is there. Or you already have it – and you just haven’t realized it yet.

You have choices:

  1. Accept it
  2. Make it better
  3. Quit, and / or find another job
  4. Do nothing – many people forget; this is a choice.


What will you do today, instead of complaining about work?

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