I wish every day was like Christmas




I wish every day could be like this.

I wish every day was like Christmas.

Of course, I love the tree, cheese-ball songs, glitter, mulled wine and Starbucks red cups (which by the way, I loved the minimalist design this year – thank-you-very-much).


More than I actually love the things of Christmas…


I love the feelings these things bring.


And if that’s the case - well, why the hell can’t every day be like Christmas?

On a pragmatic level – keeping up the Elf on a Shelf and Santa business for more than a month is exhausting.

This year, our Elf, Chippy – only moved at 7am, and not the night before like she’s supposed to – hearing the kids get up to go elf-hunting was my trigger to move the elf. I streaked through the house too many times to note this year.

Also, she didn’t go back to the North Pole one Saturday night. The degenerate drank too much at a holiday party and thought she might have been roofied. Silly elf.

Also, if you sat around in you PJs and watched the kids open presents every day you’d be bored as shit – right?



Back to the feelings of Christmas.

How does Christmas feel?


A few days before Christmas I was worried we were all going to hate each other by the end of the week. So much together time with no schedule, plenty of junk food, trying to get everything done in time and feeling sad for not being home with the rest of my family for Christmas.

I’m worried we’re all going to hate each other by the end of the week.


See, with this thought, I was setting myself up for a shit time. As soon as those words left my mouth I knew I had to shift my shit (thanks, Al & Stef), and tell a different story.

A better story.

A story that would make me feel good.

This was my new and improved pre-Christmas story –

I’m looking forward to all the great times we’re going to spend together over Christmas. I’m excited for warm hugs, lots of excitement and cuddles and enjoying the magic of the season with my family.

Then, I told myself the story as if it already happened in a journal entry…

Christmas was SO AMAZING, we had such a great time. I loved every minute of the time we spent together. We relaxed, the kids were over the moon excited and grateful for all their gifts, the day was unrushed and perfect. Everyone was happy, calm, and peaceful.


Just telling this story made me feel good, and energized me to move forward.



What would your life be like if you could tell a story like this one every single day?

How would you feel?

This, friends, is the building block of an amazing life.

One that feels like Christmas every damn day of the year.

How do you want to feel today? Right now? Next week? This year?

It’s more than just the cliché of finding the silver lining in every dark cloud – It’s seeking out the story that will make you feel the best and deliberately choosing those thoughts.


Effectively, writing your life story.


“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


PS - Does writing letters to people you care about make you feel good? Try this.

PPS -  Or how about some un-random acts of kindness?

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