What I Learned After A Facebook-Free Weekend


Facebook is a problem for me. I admit it.

On the phone.

While watching TV.

Waiting for dinner to cook.

While eating dinner.

While brushing my teeth.

Waiting in line for anything.

Anytime I find an idle moment, including idling at a stoplight, I'm checking, checking checking.


We don't know to be bored anymore. I certainly haven't.

Thing is, I didn't like the person I was with all this checking. I also, have more pressing shit to do, that's not getting done.

I'm working on a book. I asked myself if checking Facebook is helping me reach my goal of getting my little book done and out into the world.

It's not.

I decided to have a Facebook-free weekend to see how I felt. I had no other goal than this.

I removed the icon from my accessible apps on my phone on Friday afternoon and headed into the weekend.

Here's what happened:

  • I noticed that J has a really hairy back. Like really hairy. Blond, hairy beast.
  • I breathed deeper. Have you ever noticed you hold your breath when you're scrolling or waiting for a webpage to load?
  • I talked to not one, but two moms at T's ballet class
  • I'm halfway through reading this. Which is inspiring me to keep disengaging from Facebook and general time-wasting online activities.
  • I colored, in this, and didn't freak out when the kids wanted to color in it too....OUTSIDE of the lines!
  • I was bored! At stoplights, in line at Target
  • The kids had an unobstructed view of my face and not my eyelids from looking down on the phone
  • I learned I want to open the F-book and scroll when I'm feeling grumpy

Before you're all like, "whoah, she didn't check Facebook all weekend!" please know I cheated twice.

First, to get an address for an event, and second, when I got in line at the drive-thru bank and it was six cars deep...on a Sunday, the walk up was locked, it was hot and I was pissy.

I'm not going to go as far and say I'm quitting Facebook. Let's not get crazy now. But I am setting healthy limits.

Cause I got shit to do.

What will you notice when you stop scrolling for a weekend?


PS - I've intentionally disabled comments. So you can toss your phone aside and go do something else. 

You're welcome.