10 secrets of unfussy cooks


There's two types of cooks in this world:

A. The stressed out, strung out crazy lady swearing and sweating her ass off while she unsuccessfully juggles bruschetta and brussel sprouts


B. The kind that always has a glass of wine when she cooks, dances in the kitchen, and laughs her ass off when she drops a pot of spaghetti on the floor


Which one are you? If you chose A., please don't invite me over for dinner.

If you chose B. read on my friend, and please ... share some of your secrets!


The 10 secrets of an unfussy cook

  1. If they don’t feel like cooking, they just don’t

  2. They know that good ingredients do all the heavy lifting

  3. They’re prepared to screw up

  4. They very well might be the only ones who like their dish, and that’s ok

  5. They stay intensely present; they might not hear you yammering at them

  6. Deep down they really want to please you

  7. They have a well-stocked pantry so they can whip anything up

  8. They take risks – almond butter with marinara, maple syrup on spaghetti (wait, I’ve been watching ELF too much lately)

  9. They know good conversation, good wine, a simple table setting makes even mediocre food taste amazing

  10. They know to calm the fuck down when cooking for company; no one likes a stressed out host(ess)


What are your secrets for CTFD (Calming the Fuck Down) in the kitchen? Who is your favorite host(ess) with the most(ess)? Why are they awesome???