I am SO good at failing


There's a weird and unpredictable disparity between what we want to make and what we're actually able to make, and it's always going to be like this. Think about it.

It's pretty cool right?

Blog posts pop into my head all day. Sometimes I'll go weeks without any inspiration. Sometimes I force a little something out - searching for inspiration or referring to the editorial schedule I put together for the year - YES I have THAT much to say.

You won't ready 80% of these. I write them, think they suck and condemn them to a slow death in WordPress.

Every time I sit down to write I have an idea of what the final product will look like. Sometimes it changes shape halfway through. Others I realize I don't have that much to say and abandon the post.

Delete, delete, delete.

Many times I start writing and find I've got a lot more to say than I realized (I'm sure my husband is shocked). 

Sometimes I'll finish writing a post and tweak it for a week. Sometimes I love it and think you'll love it too. So I push it out there faster than a Japanese bullet train.  Then I hear crickets and wonder if it really sucked after all.

Did anyone actually read it? Did I totally waste my time?

More often than not I put "good enough" out there. I am NOT a perfectionist with most things. I am often half assed, limped in, not committed, wham, bam, get 'er done, move on with life.

I'll post a blog post I feel MEH about and put it out there - then add questions for you...to complete the story, give me ideas, more perspective. I really just want to know what you think. I'd rather put a dozen OK stories out there than a really good one. And by who's definition is it "good" anyway? My opinion is the only one that matters.

Write from a full place.

Or at least that's what I aim to do, and send less pieces to die a slow WordPress death.

We're afraid to fail, we meaning me. I fail all the time.

I am SO good at failing.

I fail to pay bills on time, double check important details, verify payments, make a call, pick something up. I fail all the time at the juggling act that is being a working mom and wife.

Does that mean I should quit? Sorry kids, I screweed up and forgot to pack you a andwich, should I stop packing lunches forever? Pack it in?


Keep showing up. Maybe the last 10 posts I wrote only one person read. But maybe, just maybe I put just the right combination of words down that someone needed to hear, right then.

We're going to fail.

So fail awesome!

If you make anything, ANYTHING! - put it out there. Weird painting, awkward sculpture, short story or blog post with crappy grammar. Who cares, do it.

Attempt those crafts on Pinterest you pinned with no intention of ever actually making. Do it knowing you'll fail,  knowing the output is going to be something you never could have imagined!

Maybe you do it with the nudge poking at your lower back that it'll be great, and you'll learn something.

Just keep making stuff.

Know the final product will be different than your original intent. How cool is THAT?

There's a higher power at work, working through you to create stuff for you when you set the intention to create something. 

So create something.

Provide the spark.

What have you been afraid to do? When will you do it?