6 authors that rocked my world



Today, I’m sharing some books that totally rocked my world.

A few years ago I posted a similar list in my recommended reading list. I looked through the list and it was a big stinkin’ list of self-help and woo woo stuff. It felt way too vulnerable to share.

Like the dream you keep having where you show up at work without pants. You have those dreams, right? RIGHT?

I’m supposed to have my shit together tippity typing away from my unfussy, uncluttered and calm ivory tower, right?


Self-help can be addicting, we always think we need to get better, we're not good enough as we are, we suck, and if we could just be a little bit nicer/happier/zen-er, we'd have it all figured out.....or so we think.

I wish they’d rename the self-help category “you’re fucking awesome, read this to be even more awesome”.

Anyway, here's some of the "self-help" books that rocked my world, and ironically, showed me that

I don't need self-help books

Here’s my wide open list:

1. Danielle LaPorte – I found her when her book the Firestarter Sessions came out. Part soul searching, part workbook, mostly a big, fat kick in the ass to do less of what I don’t like and more of what I love. This blog was born right after. The idea for a simple food and lifestyle blog was kicking around in my mind, this book gave me the donkey kick to do it.  Her most recent book, The Desire Map is also a kick in the ass and wake up call. It’s about getting clear on how you want to feel. Because feeling good is the whole point right? It’s a program to get crystal clear on how you want to feel and what you can do, and stop doing for the love of god to get there. With weekly, monthly and yearly check-ins to make sure you’re listening to your innards.

2. Momastery is a blog from Glennon Doyle Melton, and her recent book, Carry on Warrior says all the things I think in my head but don’t always say out loud out of fear, manners or whatever. Raw, real, beautiful, and funny, her shit will make you laugh and cry and nod along, yes, yes, YES!

3. Lisa Bloom’s Book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed Down World. She opened my eyes to how little time most of us spend reading, we need to be reading more. And be conscious of what we’re reading. Just like food, garbage in, garbage out. Put down those tabloids and articles about how to make your forearms less jiggly and read a book for gods sake! Lots of them! I’ve been book-obsessed since I put this book down. Audio books account for at least 20 books a year I “read”.

4. Deepak Chopra – he makes it sound so easy. He breaks things down simply and calmly. I’ve read at least half dozen of his gazillion books. He hosts guided bite-sized meditations with Oprah, I tried one of the recent session and it’s a great way to start dabbling in meditation.

5. Brené Brown. I just wish I found Brené years earlier. Not just because it'd be REALLY cool to have an accent aigu in your name. Two wildly popular TED talks will make you think, if they speak to you then read The Gifts of Imperfection, I thought it was Just Me (but it isn’t), and Daring Greatly.

Dairng Greatly encouraged me to “don’t puff, don’t shrink, stand your sacred ground”. This is Brené’s mantra. As an accomplished professor, speaker, author, storyteller, researcher and PhD she’s got the inclination to puff right, don’t we all? If you kinda think your shit isn't working for you, start with Brené, Brené reminds us that we’re imperfect, and that we’re enough, we’re amazing as we are. A shame and vulnerability qualitative researcher, she gets real raw, no BS, and says everyone has a story that will break your heart. Her words encouraged this post, an open letter to Moms, soon-to-be moms and women not planning to have kids.

6. Eckhart TolleA New Earth and The Power of Now. If you’re just dabbling into reading about a higher consciousness, don’t start with Tolle. It will hurt your head. I read him a few years ago and it flew right over my head. He also talked about people who are on a self-proclaimed spiritual journey thinking and acting like they're better than everyone else because, they're on a spiritual journey after-all. CRAP, you mean I'm NOT better? Had to put these books down for a few years and have a little chat with my ego.

I read some Brené and Deepak and was much better prepared. Some of his words make my head hurt, but very much worth it to take your mind down a path he gently leads you on. I want to revisit his books.


Well now that you know I've been eyeball deep in "self-help" (AKA I'm a rockstar) books for half a decade or more, will you show me yours? Who's on your list? I'm always looking to add to my reading list!