9 ways to have waaaaay more fun while you cook


Let's face it. Sometimes we just don't feel like cooking....

...I get it.

I used to teach workshops on batch cooking, but some weeks I wanted to get as far away from the kitchen as I can.

Which usually just means in my PJs on the couch, but whatever....

Sometimes the routine gets a little monotonous, and that my friend is when your routine is SCREAMING for an injection of fun.

Here's some uber-practical ways to get over the cooking ennui:

  1. shake n' bake! No, not that kind, mix up your routine. Make pancakes for dinner, eat dessert first, eat rice + beans for breakfast.
  2. try new ingredients. The challenge will keep your brain fresh. Pick out a new, in-season veggie at the store, ask Google what to do with it.
  3. tickle your taste buds. With a new cuisine - Indian, Thai, Mexican, Portuguese. Introducing new flavors will inspire you.
  4. get your kids, wife, hubby, mom, dad, involved. Make it a teamwork event. Be the boss and get shit done in half the time. Don't forget to have fun!
  5. invite friends over. Having some fresh conversation over a few drinks will take your mind off it.
  6. drink. I'm not encouraging over-indulgence, but Emeril Lagasse says you need to "whet the infield" before you play (cook). best. advice. ever
  7. cook in your underwear. I haven't tried this, but it'd probably be fun. Be careful not to burn stuff  - ouch!!!!
  8. just breathe. ever tried making cooking a meditative practice, and a way to turn inward? Try focusing just on chopping the onion. Just chop the onion...listen to the sound, feel the onion breaking apart in your hands, smell the juices (without crying). Being present in the kitchen is a huge part of loving to cook. If you're present, you can only be happy.
  9. don't. That's right, don't cook. Go out, order in, eat chips + guac for dinner. Forcing yourself to do something you really don't want to do is going to make you resent it.