a love story that starts with a wedgie


Valentine's day is over.So why are we still talking about love?

Because love isn't a once a year, wham bam thank you ma'am kinda deal.  

I'm going to tell you a love story...

One afternoon about a year ago there was some family wrestling, laughing, ticking, and there were wedgies.

Jacob gets a pissed off look on his face and defiantly says to us,

"I'm going to give a wedgie to my own self".

No one was giving J-man a wedgie, and he wanted one...bad. So he gave one to himself.

No one telling you they love you? No one sending you love letters?


Send a love letter to your own self dammit.

We spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how we can tell others we think they're the cats ass; notes in lunchboxes, sexy text messages, heck, there's Hallmark.

Tell your own self how much you love you.

So how do I do that without sounding like a cheesehead (no offence Packers fans)? Some practical ideas:

  • write a love letter to yourself with a pen and paper, or crayon and construction paper. stamp it, mail it. Or give it to someoene you trust ,and tell them to put it in the mail at some point during the year but not tell you when
  • how often do you order shit online? Ever see that "free gift message" option. USE IT! By the time your shipment arrives you'll totally be surprised and it's guaran-freakin-teed to make you smile. It can be as simple as "you're awesome", "I hope you enjoy this package of nuts you sexy thing"
  • buy these and stick em everywhere
  • lipstick on the mirror
  • email reminders - set an alarm a few days in advance, set it on a Monday to pop up and say "you rock + you're gonna take over the world on Monday morning"
  • write a post it and stick it in your lunch to read the next day
  • type "I love you" into a calender entry in the future
  • buy yourself flowers, you'll smile and people will smile at you
  • start a gratitude jar, it doesn't need to be a January 1st thing, I started in the fall last year and had a jar jam packed with love


How do you show love to your own self?  Please share your self-love rituals in the comments below! 

I love you me.