how to wash your face with coconut oil

Coconut oil has many uses in the kitchen; in cooking in place of unhealthier oils, mixed into hot oatmeal or smoothies, or spread on toast.

It's even the main ingredient in this DIY deodorant. It also does double duty in the bathroom as a cheap and very effective moisturizer, and now...face wash. Who knew?

You're thinking, that can't be good for my face right? It's oil! Won't that make my face oily? Science 101; like fights like - in this case, oil fights oil. I've been using it as a face wash and eye makeup remover for a few months now and my skin has never looked better. I used to get random breakouts, and they've drastically improved since I switched to this do-it-all multi-tasking oil. My skin feels plump and my skin tone is also more even.

How to do it:

  1. wet your face
  2. scoop up a small amount (1/2 tsp.) with your fingers
  3. massage into your face like you would with any other cleanser
  4. rinse off any makeup
  5. wet a washcloth with hot water and place it over your face, leaving it there until it cools (a few seconds)
  6. exfoliate off any excess with the washcloth and you're done

Following this regimen you'll no longer need a toner or a moisturizer either - more money and time saved!

Some other uses for coconut oil:

Shave gel 

Cuticle moisturizer

Powerful hand and foot moisturizer

Random rash remover (anytime the kids get random rashes, I put coconut oil on it)

Hair conditioner

Curly hair definer (I use this on my baby girl all the time)

PS - DIY deodorant and minimalist exercise – when less is more