15 ridiculously easy (and fun) things to do with your blog post that have nothing to do with SEO

You blogged! Woooooo! I’m raising my big fat wine glass to you now for putting yourself out there. You’re gonna love it.

Now you’re wondering, “Okay, I blogged, what the hell do I do with it now?”

Here are some ideas so it doesn’t just sit around on your website and collect cobwebs.

Pssst - these have nothing to do with getting hundreds and thousands of readers or SEO or anything click-baity. These are simple and easy things to do that also feel like a lot of fun. 

  1. Share it on your social media accounts you actively use and add a few words that went into creating it.

  2. Cut and paste the text with a pretty picture directly in your Facebook account.

  3. Email the lovely people who have given you their email address and let them know, make sure you include a few other updates too. Hint: “I blogged” is not an update.

  4. Did someone inspire your blog post? Send it to them with a quick note, saying, “Hi! Thanks for being awesome, your thoughts on [smart thing they wrote], inspired me to write this! [link to your minty fresh article]

  5. Do you have more to say on this topic? Write a spin-off blog post!

  6. Did you receive some thought-provoking comments on social media or your blog? Turn this into another blog postfree material!

  7. Have you written about similar topics? Start writing your book! You can edit later, for now, just plop that pretty little blog post into an Evernote file or Google Doc.

  8. Print it out and frame it.

  9. Print it out and burn it at your next bonfire.

  10. Link to previous articles you’ve written.

  11. Proofread. Again.

  12. Record a video about your blog post or record a Facebook live.

  13. In a year, revisit, refresh it, and republish it!

  14. Add a link to it in your email signature.

  15. Revisit in a month or two and add any links to new stuff you’ve written.

Stuck for blog topics? Check out 52 Shades of Blogging. It's as much fun as it sounds. 

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