12 fun writing prompts to help craft a standout about page

You sit down to write your about page for the tenth time. As you get more experience in your business, you’re changing how you show up on your website too.

You're going to do it this time.

For real.

Besides, you have tons of inspiration from other about pages you love and snippets that you want to weave in somewhere—but where?

You want your about page and bio to stand out. When you read some business owner’s bios online sometimes you’re impressed—maybe they made you giggle, spit out your coffee, or even offended you slightly.

You see, that’s a good thing. Their writing caused a reaction in you and when it comes to your writing, your goal is to get a reaction out of your readers—you just need to figure out what kind of response you want.

Your bio is one of those tasks that’s the first to fall off your to-do list when more important stuff comes up. Until you get featured as a guest blogger or a podcast guest and the host asks for your bio.

Womp, womp. You’ll just send them what you have, make tweak a few things and feeling kind of vanilla about the whole thing. You’ll do it later.

Or, you can start today! Today I’m sharing some of the writing prompts I use with my copywriting and coaching clients to help them shape their about pages into works of art that they can’t wait to show off.

Having written almost a hundred about pages and edited even more, here are some questions I ask my clients when they need to get their stories out of their heads and onto the page.

  1. What did you use to believe to be true about your industry?

  2. What do you believe today?

  3. Why do you do this work?

  4. What lights you up?

  5. What makes you angry about your industry?

  6. How do you feel when you sit down to work each day?

  7. Did you have a sh*tty moment, low point, or A-HA moment that brought you to where you are today?

  8. What experiences do you have that make you incredible at your job?

  9. What do clients constantly compliment you on?

  10. What are people always asking you for advice on?

  11. What’s your theme song for your life right now?

  12. What would people be surprised to know about you?


What to do with your brainstorm

Filter out the answers that are relevant to your readers, and if you’re not sure, ask a former client or someone who knows your business well.  

With your brainstorm ready, you can take the highlights and consider what pieces of your story apply to your audience and how that relates to how you help clients in your business. Take them on a journey through your AHA moments, especially if you used to be your target clients.

When it comes to writing about pages, I often see people get stuck because they think they have nothing to say. Sometimes they have the opposite problem, and they think they need to tell their entire life story.

You only need to tell the stories that are relevant to how you came to do what you do today and why it matters.

Sometimes clients ask me why their readers need to know details about their lives. Well first, know that they don't. Only write about particulars you’re comfortable sharing. Sharing pieces of your journey with your readers helps them spark a connection with you and is an important step in learning to trust you as an authority in your industry.

Your about page is a way for you to stand out in a sea of third-person, acronym and jargon-filled bios and a fun way to show off who you are and what you stand for.

If your about page needs some love, I can write it for you or help whip yours into shape. 


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